Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Goals

Seriously, where the heck has June gone!!  This summer is just flying by and before you know it, it'll be Christmas.  

I've decided to write down some goals for July.  I'm hoping this will make me more accountable, and I'll actually get a few things accomplished.  

1. Read one book.  I know one is not much, but it's better than none.  I have a long list of books to read, so I shouldn't have a problem picking one.

2. Plan Hallie's birthday party.  I'm not quite sure if this should be a goal because obviously it's going to happen since her birthday is the beginning of August.  So I guess the goal is for stress free planning.  Is that possible?

3. Organize and downsize Hallie's closet.  Homegirl has more clothes than me.  She hardly ever wears an outfit more than once.  It's becoming a little overwhelming.  I mean...why would I want to do laundry when she has plenty of clean clothes...lol.  

4.  Meal plan.  The end.

5. Send some snail mail.  I love getting snail mail.  Hopefully I can brighten someone else's day with a little surprise. 

6. Buy at least 2 Christmas gifts.  It takes me forever to buy Christmas gifts because I spend so much time trying to find the perfect gift.  I'm trying to make December a little less stressful by spreading out purchases over the next several months.

I could probably add several more, but goals should be realistic.

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