Thursday, September 3, 2015

Friday Favorites

Yay for Friday and an extra long weekend!!  Sharing some favorites from the past week.

Our Disney attire is starting to roll in and that makes me super happy!!  I think she approves of her Rapunzel outfit.

How cute are these mickey and minnie shoes!  I die!

If you're planning a trip to Disney, check out my post from yesterday about paid services.

My Chi flat iron of over 10 years finally broke down.  I went to Ulta this week and got a replacement.  I'm pretty sure they have changed the Chi because the new one did not get as hot as my old one.  I text my hair stylist, and she recommended BaByliss.  I took the Chi back and got a BaByliss.  I love the BaByliss!  So much better than the Chi.

Last Friday, I went to Books A Million to pick up the The Girl on the Train.  I'm almost done with the book.  It's a good read.  Can we talk about Books A Million though?  Oh my goodness, that place is so awesome.  I saw tons of non book items that would make great gifts.  I left with some small treats for the kids, Peppa Pig cookies for Hallie and a Minecraft bracelet for Bryson.  I usually order my books off Amazon.  Hello, Prime 2 day shipping.  But I'm planning more Books A Million trips in my future.  I even signed up for their club or program or whatever it's called.

David picked up some Skippy P.B. Bites this week.  He got the double peanut butter flavor.  If you like peanut butter, you must try these.  They are so good!  Hoping to pick up the pretzel flavor next grocery trip.  I did limit myself.  Trying to stick to one of those September goals.   But David wasn't so good about limiting.  The container was empty in 3 days.  Yikes!  They are that good!

Hallie's school color days continued from last week.  Monday was purple day.  Bryson had absolutely no purple in his closet, so mommy joined in for a picture.  Bryson played photographer, and sister gave some silly faces.  

Next was pink day.  Bryson's only pink shirt was a dress shirt.  He was such a good sport and put his pink shirt on for a picture with sister.  

Then came brown day and once again, no brown in Bryson's closet.  We found a shirt in David's closet for picture time.  

Black and white day may have been Hallie's favorite day.  She wore athletic clothes to school for the first time.  Now that she knows she can wear athletic clothes to school, I'm worried that's all she'll want to wear.  

Happy Friday!

Disney Trip Planning

It seems like every post I've done lately has something Disney related.  #sorrynotsorry  I thought I would share a couple of services we have paid for that really enhanced our trip.


Cost: $12.95 a year

How We Use It:  We have used this paid service for all our Disney trips.  First, we use the crowd calendar to determine which parks to visit which days.  Each day will have a rating from 1-10 per park to determine crowd level, 1 being slow and 10 being packed.  

We also use the touring plans function they offer.  They have set touring plans for you to use that are supposed to keep your waiting times down.  We use the option to create our touring plan.  I enter everything we want to do, and then the program will put it in the order we should do for less waiting.  

Touring plans does have an app as well.  I use the app for the chat function.  You can ask any question in the chat group and within minutes you will get answer from others who have tons of Disney experience.  

While in the park, we use the app for the wait time functions.  The app will tell you the posted wait time on any ride and the expected wait time based on times submitted by members in the park that day.  I've heard the Disney app has a wait time function also, but I've also heard that the Touring Plans times are more accurate. 


Cost: $8.00 per search

How We Use It:  Disney dining reservations open up 180 days in advance of your trip.  I know that sounds crazy, but several of the popular restaurants will book up opening day.  If you want a specific restaurant and it's booked, I recommend using Disney Dining Buddy.  I used it for the first time a couple months ago.  I paid $8 and told Disney Dining Buddy what restaurant I wanted and what time.  Disney Dining Buddy notified me when a reservation opened up, and I snagged it.  You can choose to be notified by email, text, or both when a reservation opens.  

Website: from

Cost: $6.99 a year

How We Use It:  Our upcoming trip will be the first time for us to use this app.  It was highly recommended by others.  The app is web based, so you will not find it in the app store.  Instead, you will need to create on icon on your home screen.  The app gives you specifics on where and when to meet your favorite characters.  It also list some fun interactive tips.  Disney's app has character information as well.  But once again, I've heard this app is more specific and reliable than the Disney app.  

I love talking Disney and maybe this will help someone with trip planning.  If you have any questions, let me know.  I'd love to help.   


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September Goals

It's been forever since I've blogged any goals.  This month seemed like the perfect time to start back up.  The kids are back in school.  We are working on a routine.  It's almost like a fresh start.  I decided not to go too crazy with goals and stick to things that need to be done, instead of things I would like to do. 

Several goals are related to our upcoming Disney trip in October.  I would like to be prepared and not wait until the last minute.
  • start packing for Disney
  • start on our Disney cruise fish extender gifts
  • setup a time to speak with Bryson's teachers about his school work while on vacation
Also, indirectly related to Disney....
  • Get a new phone.  It's sad, but I use my phone to take all my pictures.  I even have a nice Cannon with a couple of lenses.  It's just so darn convenient to use the phone.  If I'm going to use my phone for pictures, I would like to upgrade for better quality.
  • Purchase or make Halloween costumes.  We would do this any year.  However, this year we will be using our costumes during the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party.   
  • Start logging food in MyFitnessPal.  I really slacked last month, and I can tell.  I would like to drop some pounds before our trip just so I can gain it all back on the cruise haha.  
Non Disney related...
  • Vet checkup for Sadie
  • Take my vehicle in for recalls 
  • Enjoy our annual trip to the fair

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Weekend Recap

I picked Bryson up from school on Friday.  We enjoyed some Sonic milkshakes for the second Friday in a row.  That might just become a tradition.  We headed to Ulta to get me a new flat iron since my Chi broke.  He found a crazy looking hair dryer. 

After getting my new flat iron, we headed next door to Kirkland's.  They had so much cute fall and Halloween stuff.  I think Bryson had just as much fun as me looking around.    

He found this chicken sign that he thought we should get since we have chickens.  It didn't make it home with us, but I'm seriously thinking about going back to get it. 


And while I get the chicken sign, I should probably just go ahead and pick up one of these monogram pumpkin signs.  

Even though we were just running errands, I enjoyed spending a little quality time with just my boy.   

Saturday morning we had a play date at a park.  I didn't get any pictures, but the kids had fun and got to ride a little train.

That evening, we attended a birthday party for my best friend's twins.  Hallie was taking this game pretty serious.  Anytime the tongue comes out, you know there is some serious concentration going on. 

She did slow down enough while taking a bathroom break to get a picture in her cute maxi skirt.  

Sunday morning, we went to church and then to our usual Mexican restaurant.  We spent the rest of Sunday prepping for the upcoming week.   

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!  It's been forever since I've blogged and boy, do I have a lot of catching up to do.  All my summer was spent on 3 things.....working, trying to have the best summer ever with the kids, and planning our Disney vacation.  More post to come on the best summer ever and Disney planning :)

The kids have started back to school.  The first couple of weeks, Hallie's class is reviewing colors and supposed to wear a certain color every day.  Bryson and I have been playing along with her.  I'm thinking I may have to keep the color routine for myself.  It has made be pull things out of my closet that have not been worn in a LONG time.  It's like shopping my closet haha.





And speaking of clothes, I enjoy finding clothes for us to wear on our Disney trip.  Bryson is getting harder to buy for our trips because he's older and most things are too kiddy, according to him.  I did find him a shirt from Old Navy that he approved of.  It's Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas.  It's perfect for our Halloween trip.  


And because I think it's totally awesome when brother and sister match, I got Hallie this dress from Kpea.  I'm hoping to get a picture with Jack and Sally with the kids in their outfits.  I think I see a Disney clothing post in the future :)  

Ok, enough about clothes.  I bought this chalkboard sign at Hobby Lobby Saturday.  I absolutely love it!!  I've been brainstorming some fun ideas on how we can us it this fall.  I've got a couple of ideas, but love to hear any suggestions.   

Another purchase that I recently made that is awesome is a membership to Spotify.  It is a music player.  They also have an app.  You can create endless playlists.  There is a free version.   However, I recently became an indoor cycling instructor and benefit more from the paid version.  The paid version is only 9.99/month.  Totally worth it to me.  I love that I can follow other cycling instructors and see their playlists to get ideas.  And I leave you with a little cycling humor that is totally true!! 

Happy Friday and have a FABULOUS weekend!!



Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!  Linking up with AndreaErica, and Narci and sharing some of my favs from this week.  

Fourth of July is one of my favorites!  We always have a celebration with family involving fireworks, food, and fun.  Last year, we teamed up for some friendly competition.  I've been researching on Pinterest for some new games this year.  I'm super excited.  It's going to be a blast.    

We are already starting on #1 (dress appropriately).  My favorite girl in some red, white, and blue.

One of my favorite things to do is plan our vacations.  I've been watching airfare prices.  Sadly, they just keep going up.  I bit the bullet and bought our tickets.  It feels good to get one more thing out of the way.  Up next is getting the kids' passports.  

We are starting to see the fruits of hubby's labor.  Fresh eggs are one of my favs.  I can't wait for the corn to come in.  

Finally being able to enjoy the pool this week has been one of my favorites.  Even though I think I may be waterlogged, I'm looking forward to our water park visit on Friday.  

Happy Friday!!  

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Weekend Recap

Friday morning we went to the gym.  Bryson was excited to get his fitness on.

After the gym, we met up with my BFF and her kiddos.  We watched Inside Out.  It was a little above Hallie's head and she got restless toward the end. 

After the movie, we went next door to the Italian ice cream store.  My friend made a comment about how Bryson is growing up...working out and ordering cappuccino ice cream.  How true and sad!  My baby boy is growing up :(

That evening I had a girls night out with another friend, but not before going to Walmart so Bryson could buy a new video game with his own money. 

Saturday morning the kids went on a little trip with my parents, stepsister, and her kids to a museum a few hours away.  I used that free time to clean house and run

Sunday morning Hallie went to wake Bryson up.  She said, "Bryson wake up.  Happy Father's Day."  Silly girl.  I don't always have time to coordinate their Sunday outfits, but I love it when I do!!

We ate at a little sandwich shop after church.  Hallie enjoyed the extra whip cream on my piece of pie. 

Sunday evening we took hubby, my step dad, and neighbor (adopted granddad) out to eat at Red Lobster.  I hate seafood, but it's hubby's favorite and it was his day.  I told Bryson we had to take one for the team.  He was confused about that saying, but he's good now after I explained. 

One the way home, we stopped by Walmart for a few things.  We sent the hubby in, and we had a dance party in the truck.  Fun times!

This weekend was jammed packed with friends and family.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  My heart is full!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!  Linking up with AndreaErica, and Narci and sharing some of my favs from this week.  

This sign at Cracker Barrel cracked me up.  This used to be my and my best friend's motto.  But now I'm wiser and smarter and care more about skin cancer.  Oh to be young and carefree.   

I was sent a sneak peak from Friday's photoshoot.  I'm in love!!  I can't wait to see all of them.  I have a feeling I'll have a hard time deciding which ones to get printed to hang.  

I sent hubby to church by himself on Wednesday night so we could stay home and work on a Father's Day present.  It's not exactly the best picture.  We had to take the picture in the garage due to all the rain this week.  The garage floor has some stains, and the lighting is horrible.  I'm hoping to clean the picture up in an editing program.  Either way, I'm sure the hubby is going to love it!  Oh, and as soon as hubby got home, Hallie started rambling about how mommy made us astronaut hats.  Thank goodness he still has no clue.  

I LOVE salted caramel.  I picked up some weight watchers salted brownie bliss a couple of weeks ago while out of town.  These are so good.  The only negative is the size.  They need to be bigger, but then they wouldn't be just 90 calories.  I really hope I can find some in the local stores.  I only have one left :(  

A friend posted a link on Facebook to this blog post.  If you love taking pictures of your kids with your phone, it's a must read!  My favorite quote from the article...."I wasn’t missing out; I was memorializing it. I wasn’t lost behind the lens; I was living through it too. I was there, and I was present. I just didn’t want to forget. Ever. "

Happy Friday!  Hope everyone has a great weekend.