Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up 10/4-10/6

After work Friday I meet up with another mom to buy some Disney outfits.  I am so excited about these outfits.  Hallie is all set for our upcoming trip.

After Hallie went to bed, David and I decided to start watching the Blacklist.  I had heard good reviews.  It did not disappoint.  We watched the first 2 episodes and now we’re hooked.

We stayed home from dance on Saturday since Hallie and I were both snotty and congested.  It rained all day Saturday.  I used that opportunity to organize Bryson’s room and sell some of Hallie’s clothes online.  At night time, I got a text from Bryson’s dad saying Bryson had bumps all over him.  He started getting the bumps on Thursday.  We never could figure the cause.  Thankfully, they were gone by Sunday.

Sunday we went to church in the morning and picked Bryson up in the afternoon.  We at dinner at Zaxby’s.  Bryson normally eats ranch with his chicken, but he decided to give the Zax sauce a try.  The kid LOVED it.  I think he said it was the best sauce ever 1,864,349 times.  He even asked for some to take home.  Silly boy.

We headed to Ulta and Target after dinner.  On the way we saw an airplane on a trailer.  That’s something you don’t see every day.

We had fun in the Halloween section.  Hopefully the kids don’t get lice.   

Weekend Wrap Up 9/27-9/29

We spent Friday at home.  Nothing exciting.  But something funny.  We trace Hallie's hand a lot and let her trace our hands.  Well, she wanted to trace Buster's paw.  He wasn't game.  

I love the last picture.  She's telling Buster to put his hand on the paper, and he's looking at her like she's crazy.

Saturday morning we went to baby ballet.  I think she likes the table and books better than the dancing.

We headed to Bryson's soccer game.    It was super windy.  The boys played good and won.

It rained in the afternoon, and the kids enjoyed playing outside and getting wet.
We went to church Sunday.  I thought it was funny that Hallie blended in with the nursery decor.
In the evening, all of us headed to Walmart for groceries.  Bryson was super excited that he found a beard for his Halloween costume.  We had fun with it.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Week Recap 9/23-9/26

Monday – Bryson had soccer practice.  This was his second practice.  I was unable to attend his first practice because of prior obligations at church.  David didn't get any pictures of his first practice because he left his phone at home.  So, we’ll count this as first practice.


Precious.  Both of them are sucking on their bottom lip.  I didn’t notice this while taking the picture.


Tuesday – I got a call in the afternoon from Bryson’s school saying that his eye was hurt and they thought he needed to go to the doctor.  When I picked him up, his eye was swollen, red, and running nonstop.  I took him to the optometrist.  She put iodine in his eye and examined it under a black light.  There was a bright neon line where his eye had been scratched.  Nana was playing with him before school and accidentally scratched his eye.  The optometrist prescribed some drops that dilated his eye and some antibiotics.  Bryson was worried about going back to school and being ugly from his dilated eye.  I tried to convince him how cool it was, and he could tell the kids at school that he was magic.  It didn’t work.  I have my suspicions that he wore sunglasses all day during school.   

This was our planned fair night.  We thought about not going because of Bryson’s eye and Hallie was in a sour mood from not having a nap, but Bryson (and secretly me too) would have been so disappointed if we didn’t go and it was the only night we could go.   

As soon as we got there we ran into by BFF and her fam.  Our kids enjoyed some rides together. 

Hallie did okay.  The first ride was going good.  We were going round and round.  Then, we started going up, and that’s when she wasn’t having fun anymore.  She just buried her head in my lap until the ride was over.  I could not determine why she liked some rides and not others.  I was hoping to gain some perspective to help in planning our upcoming Disney trip. 

Wednesday – We usually go to church, 
but we decided we needed a day of rest. 

Thursday – Bryson had his first soccer game.  His team won.  Bryson was pumped that he got to play goalie for part of the game.

This week was a busy week.  I’m afraid all weeks are going to be like that for a while. 




Friday, September 27, 2013

Five on Friday - Favorites

It's Friday...Woohoo!  Linking up with 5 on Friday with a favorites edition.

(ONE) Favorite clothes for Hallie.  I've been searching for outfits for our upcoming family pics.  I'm going for simple, classy, and cute.  I'm pretty sure I've found part of Hallie's outfit.  I'm in love with this top!

(TWO) Favorite outfit I wore this week.  Don't mind the selfie in the bathroom at work. I love this outfit because it's not only cute, but comfortable too.  I always get lots of compliments when I wear this shirt, and the pants were less than $12 at Wal-Mart.  I don't usually look at clothes when I go to Wal-Mart because I'm usually on a mission to get groceries and get in and out as quickly as possible.  So glad I took time to look.  Might need to look more often.

(THREE) Favorite post this week.  I seriously felt like I could have wrote this post.  She wrote exactly how I feel.

(FOUR) Favorite idea.  I absolutely hate our pots and pans drawer.  There is no organization.  I saw this, and I HAVE to do.

(FIVE) Favorite new app.  I love that you can insert links.  The app does cost money.  I think it's worth the $1.99.  Oh, and don't mind the 63 updates I need to do.

Also linking up with Lindsey and Jennie for Friday Favorites.

Weekend Recap 9/20-9/22

Friday night we ate at a new place, Steele Creek Smokehouse. It's a barbecue place. I got a pulled pork sandwich. I think it was the the best pulled pork sandwich I've ever had. The meat had a great flavor. I debated putting barbecue on it. It was that good.  I thought Hallie looked cute for our dinner outing! 

David went to pick up a baby chicken from Atwoods. Bryson has been wanting one of our chicken eggs to hatch. Bryson went to his dad's this weekend, so David thought it would be the perfect opportunity to buy a baby chic. We would have the baby chicken waiting for him when he got home so he would think it hatched. Well, apparently there is some law in our state that you have to buy a minimum of 6 chickens, so David opted for one guinea instead. Bryson was excited when he came home and saw the chicken. He has no idea it's really a guinea. Not for sure how this is going to work out as the guinea gets bigger.

Saturday Hallie had ballet. After ballet we headed to a local boutique to pick up some things I had bought. While there I was looking at clothes and realized very quickly why I shop online. I was chasing Hallie and trying to keep her out of everything. Next we headed to Hobby Lobby. I was in search of some fall decor. I was disappointed. Nothing was talking to me. When we got home I decided to put some underwear on Hallie. She did really good as long as I took her to the bathroom every 30 minutes. Now if I could just get her to tell me when she needs to go.  I just love little booties in underwear.  So cute!

Sunday morning we headed to church. The weather finally has cooled off and we needed some layers.

I picked up Bryson Sunday afternoon. I was going though his school folder from Friday. He had a midterm grade sheet and his reading goal sheet. I'm so proud of this boy!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Five on Friday

I never thought any of my Five on Friday posts would be about a serious topic. I thought they would always be fun and light topics. But here I am about to write about a very serious topic that has been heavy on my heart lately....Divorce.

I am in no way an expert. I didn't go to school to become a psychologist or counselor. But I do have first hand experience. First, my parents went through an ugly divorce in 1992 when I was 12. Then, my brother went through a divorce in 2003. I saw my two young innocent nieces go through something no kid should have to go through.  I was bound and determined to break the cycle. Then I found myself left by my husband for another woman. There I was, going through a divorce in 2007. The one thing I was determined to avoid.  Although this was not my choice, I made it my mission to make it as smooth and easy as possible for our son.

I went through DivorceCare at a local church.  Now I am helping with the DivorceCare program. For anyone going through a divorce or is divorced, I strongly recommend DivorceCare.  I also believe that you cannot fully recovery from a divorce without God.  You know the old saying...time heals all wounds.  Well, yes you will get better over time and you will heal, but you will be left with scares and baggage.  I believe God is the only way to get through a divorce without scares, without baggage. 

This past Wednesday, the topic in DivorceCare was about kids and how divorce effects kids. The video we watched discussed several issues that I didn't really have to deal with at the time of my divorce because Bryson was only 2 at the time. Now that he is older, I realize there are several issues we may face or are facing.

ONE The video discussed how many kids feel that the divorce was their fault. Several kids were interviewed, and they stated how they that it was their fault in different ways. Of coarse at 2 Bryson did not think the divorce was his fault. But watching the video made me wonder if he may think that now. I plan on talking to him very soon about the divorce. First I need to make a mental list of everything to discuss. I have to make sure he knows 100% in no way was it is fault.

TWO Don't make promises you can't keep.  Although I do not make promises I can't keep, we do have to deal with this issue.  Bryson's dad is constantly making promises he doesn't keep.  He's told him he would take him to Disney and didn't.  He told him he would take him to a particular movie and he didn't.  The list could go on and on.  The noncustodial parent is usually the one that makes promises they can't keep.  We don't make it a point to bring up these broken promises to Bryson.  I think he is starting to catch on.  I'll be here, ready to talk about it when he brings it up.

THREE Don't say anything negative about the other parent.  This isn't an issue for us.  Through all the divorces I've seen, I know how damaging this can be.  I vowed to never say anything negative to Bryson about his dad.  For the most part this has been easy, but there have been a few times that I really had to exert control over my mouth. 

FOUR Every change is a stressor.  This also wasn't a big issue for us.  Bryson didn't really have any changes after the divorce other than going to his dad's on the weekend.  I have seen others that have been through many changes, such as a new place to live, a new school, etc.  If possible, try to keep the changes to a minimum.

FIVE Don't share all the details with your kids.  This also wasn't a issue for us since Bryson was just 2, but I wouldn't share the details with him even if he was older.  I would also like to add that it doesn't matter how old the children are.  DON'T SHARE.  Just recently, my parent in laws went through a divorce after a 35 year marriage.  Sharing too many details even with adult children can cause damage.  DON'T SHARE.  Just recently, Bryson asked me why his parents were divorced.  I was caught off guard.  I didn't know what to say.  I really didn't like my answer.  I need to rediscuss with him.  I don't want to tell him all the details of how his dad had an affair.  But I also don't want to leave him with he impression that we just got divorce because we couldn't get along.  I don't want him to have that kind of perception about divorce. 

Like I said, I never intended to write about this.  If God laid this on my heart, it's for a reason.  Maybe someone needs to read this.  Maybe someone is going through some of these things.  Maybe someone needs someone else to talk to.  I am more than happy to help. 

On a lighter note, HAPPY WEEKEND.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Midweek Randoms

Linking up with Megan for Midweek Randoms!

  • I really am trying to love Bloglovin, but I'm struggling. I do like the app version better than the full site version. I don't understand why so many people like Bloglovin as their reader. Am I missing something?

  • Facebook and Instagram are making it WAY to easy for me to shop. I have bought several things from pictures I have seen in my feed. I may have to unlike/unfollow all the boutiques....Nah.

  • First H&M. Now TJ Maxx. Come on Ikea. Please start online shopping.

  • David got a splinter in his hand that he could not get out. He had to have it cut out. We joke about his bandage. Reminds us of those team foam fingers.

  • I attended a ladies luncheon for women in the oil & gas industry. They gave away prizes. I won a hobo clutch. It's cute, but I'm just not the clutch type. Someone is getting a good gift :)

  • At the luncheon, they served the kind of butter that's in small packages. I absolutely hate this butter. I like my butter to go on nice and smooth. My bread always looks mutilated after using this butter.
  • Last night we were outside playing. Bryson was barefooted. He got a sticker in his foot. He took it out and went inside. He came out a few minutes wearing one sock. Ummm...ok? Don't you think two shoes would have been better? Silly boy!

  • I am seeing a lot of pictures of sweet little girls in their new Matilda Jane. I'm anxiously waiting for our release 2 package to arrive.

Happy Wednesday!!