Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekend Recap 9/20-9/22

Friday night we ate at a new place, Steele Creek Smokehouse. It's a barbecue place. I got a pulled pork sandwich. I think it was the the best pulled pork sandwich I've ever had. The meat had a great flavor. I debated putting barbecue on it. It was that good.  I thought Hallie looked cute for our dinner outing! 

David went to pick up a baby chicken from Atwoods. Bryson has been wanting one of our chicken eggs to hatch. Bryson went to his dad's this weekend, so David thought it would be the perfect opportunity to buy a baby chic. We would have the baby chicken waiting for him when he got home so he would think it hatched. Well, apparently there is some law in our state that you have to buy a minimum of 6 chickens, so David opted for one guinea instead. Bryson was excited when he came home and saw the chicken. He has no idea it's really a guinea. Not for sure how this is going to work out as the guinea gets bigger.

Saturday Hallie had ballet. After ballet we headed to a local boutique to pick up some things I had bought. While there I was looking at clothes and realized very quickly why I shop online. I was chasing Hallie and trying to keep her out of everything. Next we headed to Hobby Lobby. I was in search of some fall decor. I was disappointed. Nothing was talking to me. When we got home I decided to put some underwear on Hallie. She did really good as long as I took her to the bathroom every 30 minutes. Now if I could just get her to tell me when she needs to go.  I just love little booties in underwear.  So cute!

Sunday morning we headed to church. The weather finally has cooled off and we needed some layers.

I picked up Bryson Sunday afternoon. I was going though his school folder from Friday. He had a midterm grade sheet and his reading goal sheet. I'm so proud of this boy!

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