Thursday, April 28, 2016

Friday Favorites

Well, we made it to another Friday! You know what that means. Time to link up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci for Friday Favorites!

Blogging and reading blogs is a favorite pastime, but I still have tons to learn. On Tuesday I posted 10 Things I Need to Know About Blogging. So head on over there and tell me everything you know :)

Today my best friend is coming over to help me whitewhite our fireplace.  I'm really hoping the final product is a favorite because I can't go back once it's done.  Here is our fireplace now.   

I'm hoping hoping for a transformation like this.

I'm also linking up with Kelly's Korner for Show Us What You Make/Sell.  I actually don't make or sell anything.  However, I have professed my love for the handmade leather cuffs and accessories made by Bits of Grace Designs.  How adorable is that Mama Bear cuff?!  Perfect for Mother's Day.  

During my weekend recap, I mentioned watching Netflix a couple times last weekend.  A new Netflix favorite is Jane the Virgin.  This show is full of twists and turns.  The hubby was not interested in watching the show based off the title and commercials he had previously seen.  I convinced him to try one episode, and to his surprise, he enjoyed it and continued to watch more episodes.  He commented that the show was nothing like he had thought it would be.  Check it out if you need a Netflix series to watch!

I love me some caramel.  I bought some Lancaster vanilla and caramel soft cremes last Friday.  They are a new favorite.  However, I won't be buying them again anytime soon.  I had absolutely no self control.  The bag was gone by Sunday!  Hubby had a few, but I ate the majority.  Maybe I'll buy some more when bathing suit season is over.  

I have also claimed my love for Wendy's strawberry lemonade.  It is SO good, but not so good for you.  I found these Starbucks Via Instant Refreshers at Walmart.  Are they as good as Wendy's strawberry lemonade?  No, but they are still good and aren't loaded with lots of sugar.  These will definitely be a favorite during bathing suit season.  

Happy Friday folks.  Hope you have an incredible weekend!

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Spring Break Branson Trip Recap Day 4

It's only been about a month ago, but I'm finally recapping the last day of our trip to Branson.  After we woke up and got everything packed, we headed to breakfast at Grand Country Buffet.  On our way to the restaurant we passed some serious traffic trying to get to Silver Dollar City.  We had a friend in that traffic, and she said she waited over an hour and half.  So, if you go Branson during busy season and plan on going to Silver Dollar City, I would suggest staying at a place off Indian Point Road or pass the Silver Dollar City entrance turn on Highway 76.  This will ensure less traffic, which means getting to the park sooner, which means riding more rides before the park gets more crowded.  
After our breakfast, we went next door, back to the Fun Spot.  We had some left over money on our game cards that needed to be spent.  Bryson enjoyed a game of air hockey with Papa.    

Hallie had some serious concentration going on during the Deal or No Deal game. 

Bryson rocked some laser tag.  His team won, and he won first place out of the approximately 30 players.

After we spent all the money on the cards, we headed down to Branson Landing for a little shopping.  Our first stop was Bass Pro Shop.  Hallie and Bryson enjoyed sitting in some UTVs.

And guess who we spotted inside the store?  The Easter Bunny!!  Bryson appeased his sister and agreed to a picture with her. 

The kiddos monkeying around. 

We roamed the stores for a little bit and decided to go home to get ready for Easter the next day.  We enjoyed our time and are looking forward to a few more trips this year since we have season passes to Silver Dollar City.   

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Weekend Moments - Devil's Den with Mamaw and Papaw

David's parents arrived into town Wednesday night, so this weekend was all about spending time with them before they had to head back out.

Mamaw picked up the kids after they got out of school on Friday.  The kids stayed the night, and the hubby and I took advantage of an impromptu date night.  We went to eat burgers that were voted the best in town.  Unfortunately, we had to disagree with that title.  After eating, we headed to Walmart and then home to binge watch some Netflix.

We left the house early Saturday morning to head to Devil's Den to enjoy some hiking and a picnic.  The weather was perfect.  Hallie and David stayed back for the first hike because she was set on playing on the playground.  While the rest of us hiked, we saw some turtles enjoying the weather while sun bathing.  We also saw some geese with cute little babies.  

After our little hike, we played and had some lunch.  We brought Hallie back some tadpoles from our previous hike.  Now this girl was interested, so we repeated the same hike again.  She could have stayed all day watching those tadpoles.  Currently, we have 5 tadpoles that we brought home in a fish bowl.  We've been researching what to feed them.  It will be interesting to see if they make it.   

After we finally convinced her to leave the tadpoles, she had fun getting her feet wet while crossing the small creek. 

Daddy found her a crawdad, and she was not impressed.  She really thought it was gross when I told her people eat them.  #iagreesister

After our second hike, we rested for a little bit and decided to head home.  Hubby and the kids stayed home while I went out to eat with a couple of gym girlfriends.  I was exhausted and wanted to stay home too, but I'm glad I went.  It was a small group of us, and we just chatted forever.  Once I made it home for the night, I crashed.

Sunday morning we attended church and then met up with Mamaw and Papaw for some lunch.  After lunch, the kids went to the movies with Mamaw and her friend, Diana.  I went home and binged watched some more Netflix while doing laundry, and hubby went to go see a sick family member.  Mamaw dropped off the kids after the movie, and then we were off to our church small group.   

It was a busy weekend, but that's not bad when you are spending time with family and friends.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Help! 10 Things I Need to Know About Blogging

Let me start by explaining why I blog.  That may affect some answers.  The main reason I blog is to document our life and memories.  I want to look back years from now and have a record of not just those big, special moments, but also those everyday life moments that we take for granted.  Besides documenting life, I love blogging for the community.  I have gotten to know some pretty awesome people.  It is not my intention to make money from blogging, and if that's your intention, then good.  Get it girl.  No judgment here.  Making money off blogging would require some talent, and I'm lacking in that area.

Yeah, English was my least favorite subject.  I always made A's.  Little bragging....I made straight A's from 9th grade all the way through college.  I may have made straight A's before that.  I can't remember.  I just know that 9th grade was the year grades really started to count.  English was always my least favorite subject and the one subject I had to put forth the most effort.  #mathnerdforlife

So now that you know that I have no plans to become a successful writer and make millions of dollars, let's get started.

1.  How do you upload your pictures?  Up until last week, I would upload my pictures through the Blogger app.  I was getting frustrated because my pictures were looking crappy.  I don't expect perfect pictures, but I expect them to look at least the same quality as the display on my phone.  Well after doing some research, I figured it out.  After following the steps in this link, the quality of my pictures have been much better.  I also learned that I needed to upload the pictures from my computer.  For some reason, uploading them from the app decreased the quality, even if I followed the steps from the link.  I am the worst about downloading pics off my phone onto the computer.  So, I've been emailing myself the pictures that I want to post and just downloading those to my computer.  So, what is your picture uploading process?

2.  So now that I know how to make my pictures look better, is there an easy way to fix my pictures from my previous posts?

3.  I want to fix the pictures from previous posts because I would like to print my blog...because memories, duh.  Have you printed your blog?  If so, what company did you use?  I think I have read about Blurb before.

4.  And because very few things scare me more than losing all my pictures and life documentation, do I need to do a blog backup?  How?  How often?

5.  I think I read Blogger has a photo limit?  Like I said...I think.  True?  Or did I just dream that?

6.  So if there is a limit, should I switch to WordPress?  That would probably be the only reason I would want to switch to WordPress, unless I learn something awesome that I didn't already know.  Remember, mostly family documentation.  I have no desire to know anything about SEO, schedule tweets, or any of that other fancy stuff.

7.  But....would WordPress make commenting better.  This one I truly struggle with.  Do you respond to someone by commenting or emailing them?  I try to do email, but I'm finding a majority of people don't have their email setup.  And if I'm doing email, are people looking at my posts thinking I don't answer anyone because they can't see a response.  I really have enjoyed interacting with others and don't want anyone to think I'm ignoring them.  So do you respond to comments with a reply on the blog post, or do you send an email?

8.  Google+???  What? Why?

9.  What app do you use to read the blogs you follow?  I have tried Bloglovin' and hate it.  Currently, I'm paying an annual fee to use BazQux Reader because it is compatible with my FeeddlerPro app.  I just love the layout of FeeddlerPro, and being able to star and tag posts makes me really happy.  So what do you use and why do you love it?

10.  I'm pretty sure I have at least 10 more questions in me.  But since it's just 10 on Tuesday, and not 20 on Tuesday, tell me what websites you read for blogging tips.  Maybe I can find the answers to my other 10 questions.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Let's Talk - Hair and Makeup

Today I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for their Let's Talk serious, and it's all about hair and makeup.  Honestly, I do not feel qualified.  Over half the time my hair is pulled up in a ponytail holder, and I'm lucky if I get a full face of makeup on more than just Sunday.  I'm sharing my top 3 beauty products and hoping to find others to try out.

1.  I love these Olay Fresh Effects Everything Off wipes.  The fragrance is really light and refreshing.  Also, it's the only wipe I have used that does not burn my eyes when removing my mascara.

2.  I came across It's a 10 on accident.  Amazon sent me someone else's order.  When I called to get instructions on returning the item, they told me they could not take this type of item back.  They told me to keep it and ensured me they would send the item to the correct person also.  I use this product, but I especially love using it on Hallie's hair.  After washing her hair, it is one tangled bird's nest.  It is impossible to brush it.  This leave in product combined with the Wet Brush is THE BEST!  

3.  I read about MAC's paint pot in painterly on a blog.  I don't recall which one though.  I use it as a eye shadow premier.  I do think it helps eyeshadow stay on longer and in place.  After using it for awhile, I read another blog that recommended using the product as a concealer.  I tried it as a concealer as well and was very pleased.  

So if I could only pick 3 beauty products, these would be it.  One of the things I love about blogging is finding new products to try.  What would your top 3 products be?  Let me know in the comments or link up with Andrea and Erika.  

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Friday Favorites

Usually I'm in shock that it's another Friday, but this week dragged for some reason.  On Tuesday, I thought it was Wednesday and on Wednesday, I thought it was Thursday.  Friday is finally here, and I'm pumped.  I'm off on Fridays and usually spend the day running errands, cleaning, and doing laundry.  Since the in-laws came into town on Wednesday, the house is pretty much clean.  What will I do tomorrow?  I might actually have time to start reading one of the many books on my to read list. But enough of that.  Let's talk about some favorites!

Monogrammed kids clothes are always a favorite.  So, I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner for Show Us Your Life monogram swap.  I have a few "Hallie" shirts and a romper that range in size 0 months to 2 years old.  The white shirt has a pen mark that has not been treated, so it may come out.  I would love to pay it forward and give these to another little "Hallie".  Send me an email at if you are interested.  

I also have a few "Bryson" shirts from prior Disney trips that I would like to gift to another "Bryson".  The size range from 6-8.  Email if you are interested.

This dress I purchased is another favorite.  Disney is a favorite for the entire family.  On my bucket list is to have family pictures taken at Disney.  Is it crazy that I bought this dress as a possible outfit for my dream photo session?  We don't even have a current trip planned, but I'm hoping for one in 2017.

Dixie Delights is my favorite blogger to follow for all things Disney.  She shared her professional Disney pictures, and they are amazing!  I cannot wait to have photos taken with my favorite people at our favorite place.

These tees from Target are a favorite.  And guess what?  They are on sale and there is a current cartwheel offer.  That's a super duper favorite.  The tees are on sale for 3/$24.  The current cartwheel offer is 50% off.  That means you can get 3 shirts for $12, only $4 each.  Woohoo!  There are a few other styles that also have a 50% off cartwheel offer.

So, I've already proclaimed Disney a favorite.  But when we can't get to Disney, Silver Dollar City is another favorite.  I've only got one more day to recap of our spring break trip to Branson.  Day 1 - Day 3 recaps can be found here...

Day 1 Recap
Day 2 Recap
Day 3 Recap

We have a few more trips planned this year to Branson since we have season passes to Silver Dollar City.  I'd love to hear what your favorites are in Branson or Silver Dollar City.  

Well that's all I have folks.  Hope you have a great weekend!   

Linking up Andrea, Erika, and Narci for Friday Favorites!

Spring Break Branson Trip Recap Day 3

Hoping for better weather, we headed to Silver Dollar City again.  We arrived at park opening.  My number one tip when visiting Silver Dollar City or any amusement park is to arrive before park opening.  This is so important.  You can ride so many rides with little to no wait time in those first couple of hours.  Our first stop after entering the park was to rent a stroller.  Hallie insisted on pushing it, but as the day went on she did more riding than pushing. 

Once we had our stroller, we made a bee line for the roller coasters.  Our first stop was Wildfire.  There are my boys on the third row.

I sat out on this one per Hallie's request.  Our next stop was Powder Keg, but the ride was shut down.  We headed to Outlaw run next, and finally I was able to get on a roller coaster.  The boys did the Giant Barn Swing next while Hallie and I rode a ride.  I recommend doing the Giant Barn Swing early along with the roller coasters.  It doesn't hold many riders, so the wait tends to build faster than other rides.  Our next stop was Fire In The Hole.  Hallie was excited for this one.  This is a smaller roller coaster and she met the height requirement.  We were next to ride in line, and they shut the ride down.  Hallie was devastated.  I asked the worker if we could get a FastPass to come back later.  He looked at me like I was crazy.  Hey, that's what Disney would do.  #spoiledbyDisney

Once we got all the big rides out of the way, we headed over to Fireman's Landing so Hallie could ride some of the smaller rides.  She talked bubba into riding some kiddie rides.  She has a way of getting what she wants as evidenced by the picture below.  "I will make you smile bubba."  Oh, and she found the weight lifting gloves in my purse while waiting in line for a ride and insisted on wearing them.  #notworththefight #pickyourbattles  

Next we headed to the building that houses Firefighter's Fire Drill, Firefighter's Fire Escape, and Firefighter's Junior Fire Escape.  This play area features buckets, pumpers, foam ball cannons, targets, slides, mazes, etc.  It's a fun spot for all ages. 

Someone just realized I was taking pictures and did a fast head turn.  Get used to it bubba.  The camera isn't going anywhere

There's my strong-willed girl still sporting the weight lifting gloves. 

Next we headed over to Thunderation.  The boys rode while we enjoyed a funnel cake.  Hallie finally took off the gloves.  Like her momma, she doesn't let anything get in the way of her sweets. 

After we finished the funnel cake, we headed over to The Flooded Mine Train.  This is a fun boat ride that includes shooting at targets.  When the target is shot, points are earned.  Hallie's gun was defected and earned points every time she pulled the trigger, whether she hit or target or not.  She racked up over 200,000 points.  Needless to say, she was the winner. 

Next we headed back to Powder Keg and Fire in the Hole.  It was around 1:00.  David and Bryson rode while we waited and rested on a nearby bench.  It seems like it took them an hour to ride.  After they got off, we decided to leave.  It's just not worth it to us to stand in line that long.  That is why it is so important to get to the park by opening time.  We waited 10 minutes or less for the roller coasters we rode earlier that morning. 

After leaving the park, we decided to go get some lunch at Pancho Villa.  The food was decent, but nothing to rave about.  Our next stop was Tanger Outlet.  Bryson requested to stop at Bath & Body.  I was, ok?  He wanted to buy some body wash.  I don't think I'm ready for this next stage.  He even wanted to try on some clothes at the Gap.  Is this my child?    

Hallie suckered Daddy into buying her another doll.  She had to take Barbie for a ride. 

After we were all shopped out, we went to Cakes-n-Creams for some dessert.  This 50's Diner is a winner for us. 

Hallie was pretty delirious at this point.  She said take my picture and this is what I got. 

After dessert, we went back to the condo.  Hallie lined up all her dolls and conked out. 

Everyone else wasn't too far behind her.  We had to rest up before heading home the next day.