Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Break Branson Trip Recap Day 1

Life has been super hectic lately, and I have so much to catch up.  I'll start with the spring break trip we took to Branson.  We left on a Wednesday morning around 10:00.  Both of the kids were occupied with their electronics, and I am perfectly okay with that.   

Once we arrived, we stopped at The Grand Village Shops to eat at Mel's Hard Luck Diner.  We found a water fountain on the way, and both of the kids threw coins and made wishes.  Bryson would not share his wish, but Hallie loudly proclaimed she wished for a Frozen Hans doll.  And what did this momma do?  She got on Amazon Prime while eating lunch and ordered that doll for her Easter basket.  How did I ever live before Amazon Prime.

Mel's Hard Luck Diner has a 50's diner feel to it.  The servers frequently sing songs.  I was disappointed in the songs they sang.  They were not bad singers.  I just didn't care for their choices.  Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper and Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson were a couple of the songs they sang.  With the 50's theme, I was hoping for some Elvis and Buddy Holly.

I tried to get a picture of the kiddos, but Bryson protested and Hallie played along.  

After we ate, we walked around and stopped in a few stores.  Then, we headed to our condo.  

Once we got to the condo, Hallie wanted to eat her cookie we bought at the Sugar Leaf Bakery.  We bought an assortments of goodie from the bakery.  Honestly, the cookie was the best out of all the goodies. Everything was just meh.

The condo we stayed at was Eagle's Nest Resort, and we booked it through  My parents went with us.  We would have needed two hotel rooms.  The condo was cheaper than the price of two hotel rooms and comfortably fit us all.  Plus, it's located on Table Rock Lake and has an amazing view.   

After settling in, we headed to the trails.  Bryson enjoyed some stone skipping.  It's been so long for me.  I had to throw several (like 100) rocks before I was successful.  

The kids were dying to take off their shoes and get their feet wet.

Papaw found Hallie a walking stick, and she played with it for days.  I was pretty sure it was going home with us until I accidentally knocked it off the table and broke it.  

After our adventures outside, we decided to head to the indoor pool and splash pad.  Not all condos on had access to the indoor pool and splash pad.  I made sure sure to ask the owners of the listings I was interested in to ensure we had access. 

The kids had a blast at the indoor pool and splash pad.  It was perfect since it was too cold to swim outside.  After a couple of hours, we headed back to the room to get rested for our next day at Silver Dollar City.   

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