Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friday Five Favorites

Happy Friday!!  Here's some of my favorites from this week.

I bought Hallie her first pair of Halloween pajamas this week at Old Navy.  It's never to early for some holiday pj's, right???

From Old Navy

Here are some more Halloween pajamas that I have my eye on.  Seriously, how cute are those bows on the ghost?!?!

From Gap

From Carter's

From Gymboree
From Gymboree

Speaking of Holidays....we have been singing this in our house this week.

Yes, that's right.  Christmas music.  We got a letter from Hallie's school that they will be making a Christmas CD this year.  Each class will sing a different song.  I guess they figured we should start now since they are just 3 year olds.  I'm actually enjoying it :)

We got 2 new baby chicks.  Last night, Hallie and I went check them out.  She's so cute in her undies and boots!  

Seriously, when did my son get old enough to be reading novels?!?!  He has a goal of making the million word book club this year.  I am so proud of his academic accomplishments.

I saw this and just fell over laughing.  Confession time.  Yes, this is me.  I don't floss near as much as I should. 

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Favorite Things

Good morning!  Today I am linking with Andrea and Erika to share my Favorites under $10.

I am a lover of anything caramel.  My hubby recently bought me the caramel and vanilla marshmallows.  As I ate the first one, I was a little skeptical because it smelt like coffee.  But it was delish and taste nothing like coffee.  I'm looking forward to cooler weather when I can add these to some hot chocolate.      

I picked up some salted caramel peanuts on our way to Destin.  Oh my goodness, these are so good!!  I could not stop eating them.  I purposely have not looked for them since because I have no self control with them.  Maybe I'll try again once I meet my goal weight :) 

Ok, so my next favorite doesn't actually cost anything.  In act, it actually gives you money.  It's the Walmart Savings Catcher app.  You enter your receipts into the app.  Then, it will compare advertised prices with local competitors.  If a competitor has a lower price, Walmart will give you the difference.  I have only used if for a few weeks, and I'm up to $5.03.  Yay for saving money so that I can buy more stuff :) 

Thanks for stopping by.  So what things do you enjoy under $10?   

Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was really laid back.  We didn’t have any plans, and it’s just what we needed after the first week back to school. 

Friday evening, the family watched The Pirate Fairy on Netflix.  Hallie was playing with play-doh while watching the movie.  She brought me a butterfly she made.  She spends lots of time watching play-doh videos on YouTube.  She’ll watch people making all kinds of things.  I guess she’s actually learning something from the videos.  

After the kids went to bed, the hubs and I stayed up way too late binge watching episodes of Orange is the New Black on Netflix.  I can already tell we’re going to have to limit Netflix, or we won’t get anything done.  While watching the show, my workout friends were texting flex pics.  These girls crack me up.  They mean so much to me.  They keep me motivated to go to the gym at lunch when I’d rather go out to eat.  I also joined Skinny Meg’s diet bet this weekend to get me back on track.  

Saturday morning, Hallie and I had some retail therapy.  She is at that age that is actually getting fun to take her shopping.  I see lots of shopping trips in our future.  We were on a mission this weekend to find her a demin vest.  Now, I just need to find one for me.  

Saturday evening, David I had a date night at Olive Garden.  I tried something new, the Parmesan Crusted Filet.  I was so disappointed.  Too bad it didn't taste near as good as the picture looks.  The steak didn't have good flavor, and it was tough.  I hate trying new things and it not being good.  That's why 99% of the time I order the same thing. 


Sunday was the usual…church and out to eat.  I tried to get some pics of Hallie after church, but she just wasn’t feeling it.  Can’t say I blame her.  It finally feels like normal August temperatures…..HOT.  We picked up Bryson from his dad’s in the evening and went grocery shopping.  I love when Hallie and Bryson are reunited.  They are so excited to see each other.  I hope they stay that way.

This week I'll be busy trying to tag items for the local kids consignment sale...ughhh.  It's a love/hate relationship.  I love cleaning the house and getting rid of things, but I hate the time it takes to tag all that stuff.  What does your week look like?

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Friday Five Favorites

TGIF!!!  The first week with both kids back in school has worn us out.  We're slowly getting back into the routine.  

ONE I came across this prayer journal while clicking through some of last week's link ups.  I added it to my favorite items on Etsy as something to consider buying.  Well, since then I have ordered it.  I am super excited to get it because not only did I think it was something I would like, but I feel like I was led to buy it.

Saturday night, I couldn't sleep.  I began reading because this usually makes me tired.  The book was Praying Circles Around Your Children.  I came to a chapter titled The 2nd Circle: Making Prayer Lists.  After reading the chapter, I thought I really should buy that journal.  We got up Sunday and headed to church.  The church service was titled Don't Forget: Your List.  Then, I was like...Ok, I got YOU.  I NEED to buy the prayer journal.  I also bought a couple extra as gifts.  Can't wait to get them!

TWO I've been working on getting sister's closet fall ready.  I found some cute jeggings that match skinny pants I already have.  Matching mommy/daughter outfits....that is cute, right?


Old Navy

THREE I know we are totally late to the game, but we have finally signed up for this......

My to watch list includes this......

And this......

FOUR I traded in my Simplified Planner for a planner from Target.  I really tried to like the Simplified Planner.  It's a great product.  It's just not for me.  I need a bigger monthly view.  If anyone is wanting to try the Simplified Planner, I will mail you mine.  Of course, you'll only be able to use it until the end of the year.  But it could give someone the chance to see if they like it before purchasing it.

FIVE Sister had school pictures already on Tuesday.  I think she looked super cute.  I may be biased :)

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hallie's Frozen Birthday Party

Since the beginning of the year, we pretty much knew Frozen would be the theme for Hallie’s 3rd birthday party.  Like many little girls, she is Frozen obsessed.  Birthday planning is always fun.  I will admit…I am not creative or crafty at all.  Most of my ideas come from Pinterest.  How did I ever live without Pinterest!!!  And, I seriously could not have done it without my mom.  She always helps in bringing together all my ideas.  Oh, and I'm disappointed in my pictures.  With trying to keep up with everything, I didn't get all the pictures I wanted.  I also used a different camera than normal, and the quality just wasn't that great.  Maybe I should outsource that next time :)     


The background

The wall that the food table was against is brick.  We started by covering the brick wall with white plastic tablecloths I bought from the Dollar Tree.  Then, we used 2 strands of icicles lights.  Next, we added iridescent door fringe covers.  It took 3 to cover the length.  I bought these from Walmart.  Last, we added some mesh garland around the top.  I bought the garland from Hobby Lobby in the Christmas section.  It's not the typical mesh garland.  It wasn't as firm. 

The food table 

We covered the food table with fabric from Hobby Lobby.  We also used another mesh garland as a runner.  Behind the cake, is a tree arrangement my mom made using spray painted sticks and Christmas ornaments.  The inspiration came from here.  We placed a cute tissue garland on the front of the table.  The garland was purchased from this Etsy shop.  I would definitely order from this shop again.  Customer service was great and crazy fast turn around.     

tree arrangement inspiration

The kid's table 

Place mats - local party store.  
Plates and plastic cups - Walmart
Straws, straw tags, confetti, and purple tape around napkins - Hobby Lobby
Napkins - Bought these when we went to Tennessee to visit inlaws.  Don't remember the store name
Forks - Dollar Tree
Aquaball - Amazon

I had this printable framed and displayed on the gift table.  The printable came from PhiloDesignz on Etsy.



All the food served was related to the movie in same way.  Each food item had a tent card that I purchased from 2PartyPrintables.


We finish each other sandwiches - sandwiches
Sven’s carrots - carrots
Olaf’s snowman nose - cheetos
Olaf's snowman arms - pretzels
Kristoff’s block ice - Blue Jello
Anna's frozen hearts – white chocolate covered strawberry with blue sprinkles
A kiss to melt a frozen heart - Hershey Kisses
Melted icicles - bottled water 

I also purchased these cupcake toppers and used in the sandwiches, but I didn't get a picture.  

The cake was made by a local bakery.  They have made our birthday cake for the past several years.  Not only do they look amazing, but they have the best cakes I have ever tasted.  

I purchased this candle from Etsy.  Unfortunatley, it showed up the day after the party.  


The free printables used by the activities and favors came from Paging Supermom.

Pin the nose on Olaf

Playing in fake snow

This stuff is AWESOME.  I purchased it from Amazon.  I ordered 2 containers.  We had enough for the kids to play with and for favors.

Making snowmen

Visit from Anna and Elsa 

 Party Favors
Hershey Hugs

From PaperAndTaigh


From DarlingDesignsbySara

Everyone enjoyed the party, especially the birthday girl!!!