Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th weekend recap

My weekend started on Friday thanks to an extra day off from the bosses.  I spent the whole day running baby errands….taking stuff back, buying needed stuff, looking for a coming home outfit, looking for hospital pajamas, etc.  I couldn’t believe how many people were out and about.  I thought it was going to be sooo nice to go out and get things done while everybody else was at work.  Well apparently everybody else was off Friday too.  It was a very long and HOT day, but at least I got a few things accomplished. 
Saturday morning, David and I went out to buy fireworks.  When we got home, he worked on the yard, and I worked on the nursery.  I finally got the bedding on the bed, and David put the little bird knobs on the dresser.  I love the way it’s coming together.  The pics aren't the best quality....taken from my phone.  Later that evening, we went to Chili’s with Sarah and her kids.

Sunday morning we went to church.  I picked up Bryson from his dad in the afternoon.  David’s friends came over in the evening, and we enjoyed a firework show.  The highlight of my day is when Bryson found my sunglasses down in the recliner.  They were missing for a week.  I was pretty sure they were long gone.  Since I have to wear my glasses due to this pregnancy, I can only wear sunglasses that will cover up my glasses.  So, I was super excited when Bryson found the sunglasses that fit nicely over my glasses. 


We decided to take Monday, July 4th easy.  We were pretty lazy and didn’t do much.  But that’s ok because those days will be far and few between when the baby arrives.  Bryson lit a few fireworks at night time.  I let him light them by himself……under close supervision, of course.  He is growing up way too fast L