Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fort Walton Destin Recap Day 1 and 2

We left Friday afternoon after David got home and cleaned up.  The kids were ready to go!!
We stopped in Conway to eat dinner at David's Burgers.  We stopped there on our way to Gulf Shores in 2012.  Maybe this will become a tradition.  Their burgers and fries are awesome! 

We ending our first day of travel by staying the night in Jackson, MS.  We headed out the next morning after having breakfast at the hotel.  The kids were ready for the second day of travel.

We finally reached our destination around 4.  The kids were wore out from traveling even though sis had a nap in the car.  This girl never sleeps in the car, so this was a miracle!!! 

After unpacking, we headed to the closet grocery for breakfast and lunch items. It was not a pleasurable experience.  Both kids were cranky, we didn't know where anything was, and it was super busy.  We took the groceries back to the condo.  I guess by this point, we were delirious because we decided to go out to eat.  We went to Old Steamer Bay.  It was good and the kids were bad...haha.  We got back to the condo and went out on the beach.  I think this really helped the kids.  They got to burn some energy. They seemed to be in a better mood after getting there toes in some sand and water. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Easter Weekend Recap


Both the hubs and I were off work for Good Friday.  I had a massage in the morning.  The lady did a good job, but I was so sore from doing stairs during a workout on Thursday that it was hard to enjoy.  After my massage, I did a little couponing.  I haven't couponed in awhile, and I'm slowly starting back up.  I was reminded about the coupon high when I scored lots of toilet paper and cereal for $16.93!!!

We didn't have much planned.  I had to go to the mall to pick up Bryson some shorts for Easter.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute.  

Hallie enjoyed a cute Easter bunny cookie.  

She could have played at this coin race thingy all day. 

Late that night, the Easter bunny left there baskets. 

Hallie's basket - sidewalk chalk and stencils, playdoh, swimsuit, frozen panties, Elsa doll, sticker book, Doc McStuffin's paint book, bunny mask, and the most important thing, Kinder surprise eggs (this girl could watch you tube for hours of people opening these eggs).

Bryson's basket - Minecraft shirt, Disney infinity characters, headphones, ipod speaker, some practical joke toys, a as seen on TV ice cream maker (he is a sucker for the as seen on TV commercials), and Kinder surprise eggs. 

Hallie got her basket as soon as she woke up.  Of course, she opened ALL the Kinder eggs first. 

She loves her new frozen underwear.  They'll probably fit like granny panties since they are a size 4 (smallest I could find) and she wears a 2/3.  But they make her happy and that's all that counts, right?

David picked up Bryson from his dads, and he got his basket when he got home. 

His exact words about the Disney infinity characters...."Finally, I've been wanting this forever".  That Easter bunny sure is good.  


Those are some cute bunnies!!!

We all got ready and headed to church.

After church, we decided to eat at Mazzios before going to the egg hunt at grandmas.  Bryson got sick while eating. It was very awkward.  He felt fine.  No other symptoms and he didn't get sick again so we headed on to the egg hunt.

In the evening, the kids colored eggs.  Better late than never.