Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up


After work, I got some fake eyelashes.  A girl I went to school with just started doing them and was running a special.  I'm pretty impressed!  They look better than when I put mascara on, and they cut down on my getting ready time.  

Mom and I went to Target for some shopping.  I found Hallie the cutest pair of boots.  I often wish they made my size in her clothes/shoes.  


We spent the daytime at home.  David worked on the deck, and sis and I did laundry.  During the afternoon, sis and I went to pick Bryson up.  On the way home, she said boogers are fun to roll (as she was rolling one between her index finger and thumb).  GROSS!!  She has been so bad about picking her nose lately, and she thinks it's funny.  We've tried to talk to her about it, but it doesn't seem to be helping.  I'm at a lost.  Bryson never went through this phase.  I guess I should be thankful she's not eating them.  

That night, I went to the movies with the girls.  The movie was hilarious.  I'm looking froward to watching it again with the hubs.  

We did the usual, went to church and out to eat.  I took some pics of kids.  When I looked at them later, I was cracking up from all the facial expressions.  

Bryson and I went to the mall for a little shopping and some cookies for his teachers.  My cookie order from Etsy was a fail.  I got a refund.  His teacher gifts turned out good, so all is right in the world :)

Since Bryson first day of school is on Monday, we let him pick what we would eat for dinner.  He picked spaghetti.  We also had our back to school cookies.  After dinner, we finished his teacher gifts and got ready for his first day.  

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