Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Recap

Friday morning was a little crazy with my Matilda Jane virtual show.  It’s nonstop emails, text, questions, etc., but I absolutely love every bit of it.  I skipped my noon workout.  Instead, I went out to eat with some gym buddies.  Then, I went home, and sis and I took a nap.  I really should have been getting things done, but I was just so tired because I haven’t been sleeping at night.  I rolled over and looked at the clock.  It was 6:30 pm!!  And, I could have kept sleeping without a problem.  I’m so thankful for the hubby taking kid duty so momma could sleep.  We headed over the neighbors and played games with them and my parents.  After the games, we enjoyed some homemade ice cream. 

Saturday was pretty busy.  Sis and I went to Target and Staples.  We picked up Bryson and had lunch at Chili’s.  The whole family went out for dinner for my brother’s birthday.  Then, mom and I headed to Hobby Lobby for birthday party planning.

Sis got some new boots at Target.  Her exact words when she put them on…they’re perfect.  She would not take them off, and she left the store wearing them. 

While at Target, I enjoyed my first Starbuck’s peach green tea lemonade.  It will not be my last!

 At Hobby Lobby, I found the cutest crowns for Hallie's birthday party.  Only problem is I need them to be silver.  I am not very crafty, so this will be very interesting. 


We went to church Sunday morning.  The kids had their service in the sanctuary so that the parents could see a typical Sunday for them.  We really enjoyed it.  The kids received the word of God and had fun doing it.  After church, we went to eat and did a little shopping. 

Having a little fun in Target :)

This week is going to be crazy with Hallie's birthday on Tuesday and her party on Friday.  Can't believe my little girl will be 3!!!

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