Monday, August 4, 2014

What on....Your Wishlist

I seriously had to narrow down my wishlist.  I could write a book with all the things I’m wishing for.  So, I went with my top 5.

ONE  The kids will be heading back to school soon.  I'm wishing they get good teachers.  A few months prior to school, we start praying for the teachers they get.  So far, we have been tremendously blessed with amazing teachers!

TWO I have a slight obsession with little girls clothes.  Right now, I’m wishing these beauties would show up in Hallie’s closet.
Mustard Pie


THREE I am wishing for a new computer.  I’m pretty sure I want to go with a Mac.  I just haven’t had the time to do all the research to finalize a decision.  Maybe a should wish for the time to do that…haha

FOUR I wish I could find a little cabinet to go in our kitchen.  I found one I really like this past weekend at TJ Maxx.  We didn’t have a tape measure with us, so I measured in phone lengths.  When I got home, I measured where the cabinet would go, and I was short one phone length…bummer. 


FIVE I am wishing for a Disney cruise.  I think this would be the perfect vacation!  Our favorite places to go are Disney and the beach.  So how can we go wrong with combining them!?!?  We’re hoping for a October 2015 trip.

Sharing my wishlist with Andrea @ Momfessionals 



  1. If you get a Mac, you will never go back to anything else... ever! Worth every penny in my book! And those girl clothes are darling! :)

  2. That's what I've heard. So excited, we're going to look this weekend for one!