Thursday, March 3, 2016

Friday Favorites

Yay for another Friday!  Let's get right to it.  Sharing some favorites from this week.

Ok, well technically the first one is a favorite/non favorite.  Bryson ran his first 5k in October while on our Disney cruise.  Obviously, that's a favorite.  I ran with him.  That's the non favorite part....well kind of.

You see, I hate running.  I love working out, but spinning, bootcamp, and lifting is more my thing.  I think running is so boring, and if I do too much running, one of my knees starts to hurt.  Plus, I'm super slow.  Well, maybe not that slow, but it appears that way next to all my fast friends.  

Bryson wants to do another 5k in a few weeks.  I started running again this week.  Surprising, it wasn't that bad.  I think I may have experienced a little runner's high.  I'm sure the feeling will fade by next week.

Little girl clothing is a favorite.  This week was a Matilda Jane release.  I did good, practiced some restraint, and only ordered a couple things...probably because I cleaned Hallie's closet last weekend and complained about how much she has.

I've been following a new little girls clothing company on Instagram.  Their products are supposed to be available this Spring.  So far, I'm loving everything I see.  My favorite is dressing sister up, and I'm going to enjoy while I can.  She'll become opinionated in clothing choices soon enough.

Yesterday was my favorite boy, Bryson's, birthday.  I need to do a full recap.  Short version....the family went out to eat at his choice.  He loved his birthday present.  We will be heading to a game next Friday!  

Last Friday, I mentioned looking for Easter outfits.  Well, mark that off the checklist.  Now moving on to Easter baskets.  I love the list Jenny posted.  Hallie would love that mermaid tail blanket.  I'm still struggling with ideas for Bryson.  Y'all, it's so hard to buy for a preteen boy!  Any suggestions?  He needs and wants nothing.  I'm lost.

Happy Friday!  Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. I heat your pain about Easter basket ideas for an older child! My daughter (who is 17 months old) was easy to shop for and her basket is pretty much done give or take a few extra touches. And of course her basket matters less as the whole concept of an Easter basket is a bit of a reach for her. My step-son is 13 and I am tapped out of ideas. I may do a "get ready for summer" theme and buy him a new swimsuit, put in a bottle of sunscreen and a t-shirt with an obnoxious graphic (which he'll love). Liz

    1. Oh, the t-shirt with obnoxious graphic is right up my son's alley. We just got back from a cruise in November, so unfortunately he's stocked up on things for summer. I just love when they are younger and happy with a toy from the dollar store. Hope you're having a great week!

  2. Oh man, I think the only let down with being pregnant with my second boy is no little girls clothes! I mean, boys clothes are adorable, but tutus and dresses are just too much.

    1. I do agree. However, look on the bright side. I promise you, you are saving money :) It's easier to resist buying boy clothes.

  3. My kids are 2, 4 and 16, so I can totally relate to the Easter Basket struggle. Yes, we still make one for our 16 year old. I usually try to do a movie, earbuds, swimsuit, sunglasses or something useful for her. I also put dollars in her eggs. I spend a little more on her basket than the little kids, but I guess that's to be expected. Teenagers are expensive! Hope that helps. Have a great weekend!

  4. Ahh....running...I have such a love/hate relationship there. One thing for sure if you are going to run get a foam roller. It really did save me to roll out my legs after each run. I had knee pain too and it was all due to my IT band tightening up..once I started rolling out my hip and quad it went away almost immediately. Holly sent me a cute idea for boys today where the Easter stuff was inside a baseball that idea!