Tuesday, March 22, 2016

10 Songs on My Life's Mix Tape

As I was thinking about which 10 songs I would put on my life's mix tape, I had a hard time narrowing it down.  I love music.  And I love it all.  I don't discriminate.  This is how I feel about music...

Growing up, my dad always had music on.  While listening to music, he would quiz me and ask which artist was singing.  I got pretty good.  So good, I thought I should go on MTV's Remote Control.  Remember that show?

If I had to pick two songs from this period in my life, it would be.....

1. Anything Steve Perry or Journey

2. Anything Fleetwood Mac

I'm pretty sure those cassettes got used the most, and I could sing EVERY. SINGLE. WORD.

A few years later, I received a large stereo for Christmas.  It looked like the stereo below, but all black.

My cousin and I spent many hours in my bedroom listening to music and playing songs over and over until we memorized the entire song.  The two songs I remember us playing the most are.... 

3. Ain't Nuthin But A G Thang - Dr. Dre

4. The Cover of the Rolling Stone - Dr. Hook

I guess we had a thing for doctors.  Hahaha.

In my high school years, one of my best friends, Ross, and I would drive around for hours just listening to music.  Those were seriously some of the best times of my life.  We are both very passionate about music.  We feel the music.  It's just too bad our voices don't match our passion.  Two songs that we sang with so much passion are....

5. Foolish Games - Jewel

6. Push - Matchbox Twenty

I'm pretty sure this was us.

The college years involved several road trips.  The song that was on repeat for our girls trip to Branson was....

7. You Never Even Call Me By My Name - David Allen Coe

And the song we wore out on our couples trip to Dallas was...

8. Country Grammar - Nelly

Going through a divorce was the most difficult thing I have ever done.  Music played such a huge role in getting through this hard time.  I'm pretty sure I wore out a Jeremy Camp and Selah CD during that time.  My advice to anyone going through a difficult time, don't listen to music that will just depress you even more.  Listen to some uplifting music.  Listen to music that will put your focus on God instead of yourself.  I promise healing will begin when your focus is on God.  Two of my go to songs during this time were.....

9. I Still Believe and Walk by Faith - Jeremy Camp

I'm so thankful that God is a good God and works all things for the good of those who love him.  He restored my heart, and I was able to offer an unscarred, unbroken, untainted heart to the man HE had for me, my husband, David.  The song that reminds me of our courtship is....

10.  ?????

Yep, I'm not telling.  It is TOTALLY inappropriate and just between us ;)

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  1. COUNTRY GRAMMAR! I love it. I should've put that on my life's tape!

  2. I love David Allen Coe...and Journey...and Fleetwood Mac! You have great taste!! :)

  3. Love your choices! I cannot believe I totally forgot about this linkup. My Karaoke song in between my marriages was extremely inappropriate...and I loved it...Meredith Brooks sings it in case you wanna figure it out. I could belt it out!