Thursday, March 17, 2016

Friday Favorites

Woohoo!  We made it to another Friday.  I've got some excited kids around here.  Today is Hallie's Easter party at school.  Then it's SPRING BREAK!

Lots of fun to look forward to, but for now here are some favorites from this week.

Sunday night we stumbled upon a new show called Little Big Shots.  Y'all seriously need to check it out.  It's a perfect family show.  The show is hilarious.  Not only is it funny, it is clean and totally kid appropriate.  Finally a show that we can all enjoy and not have to worry about language, nudity, or violence.  Definitely a new favorite!  

We had some struggles Monday morning with daylight savings time.

Hallie looked cute for school pictures on Monday in a new favorite outfit.  However, she was too tired to take a picture before school and reminded me of the dog above.

On the brighter side, the extra sunshine in the evenings has been a favorite.    

We've been spending lots of time outside taking advantage of the extra daylight and nice weather.  We've been riding bikes, playing basketball, and running in preparation for an upcoming 5k.   

Another new favorite from this week is the strawberry lemonade from Wendy's.  It is delicious and made with real strawberries.  I've had three this week.  However, I just recently looked up the calories and WHOA!!  That is not a favorite.  I'll definitely be slowing down.  

This shamrock sweetheart is a favorite.  We have some St. Patrick Day fun planned on Friday.  I know it's a day late, but Bryson has been with his dad and will be home on Friday.  Sometimes not being able to celebrate holidays on the actual day is not a favorite.  However, I try not to dwell on that.  We will celebrate all together as a family and have fun and make memories.  The day that happens on isn't as important as it just happening.     

This special lady is another favorite shamrock sweetheart.  She is my bosses' mother.  Her she is at our annual office St. Patrick's day party.   We call her Mean Jean.  She definitely isn't mean, but she does have some spunk.  She is such a fun, sweet old lady.  I hope to be just as fun and care free as her when I get old.  

Well, that's it folks.  Happy Friday, and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Hallie looks so stinking cute in that outfit and those orange converse!! I remember when my Bigs had to be with their dad and it always sucked but who says you can't celebrate whatever day you want! Hope you guys have a super weekend!

  2. We have had to juggle holidays and birthdays with my 16 year old since she was three years old. It is no fun at all. but you're right, it's just making the most of the time when you have it. I always feel better when all my chicks are under my roof.
    Oh my goodness, though, Mean Jean is the cutest! Hope you have a great weekend with your sweet family.

  3. Having the extra sun at night is nice, I just need it to warm up a bit in Indiana :)