Thursday, March 3, 2016

Weekend Moments

The weekend was low key, and I'm totally okay with that.  Friday morning started with a trip to the gym followed by Chick-fil-a...which defeated the whole gym trip.  Oh well.  There's always next time.  Then, I headed to my favorite nail salon to use the certificate I got for Valentine's Day.  Chick-fil-a plus pedicure equals love!

That evening we headed to Five Guys to eat.  Once again, defeated the gym trip.  I'm seeing a recurring pattern.  No wonder my pants are getting tight.  Then we headed to Target where I picked up a few things from the dollar spot.

Friday and Saturday included binge watching Fuller House.  Yes, it was a little cheesy, but I enjoyed it.  I'm totally team Matt!

Saturday was a super lazy day.  We didn't even leave the house.  I stayed inside and started to clean out Hallie's closet while hubby worked outside in the yard.  Hallie spent her time going back and forth.  She ran inside to show me the lady bug she caught.  She loves lady bugs and she kept for a couple of hours.

After all that outdoor playing and bugs, it was time to clean up

Sunday after church, Hallie had a glitter photo shoot.  I cannot wait to see the proofs.  Hallie is obsessed with this dress.  She calls it her Jasmine dress.  She asked if I was going to sell it.  I told her yes, it was getting too small.  That just broke her heart.  Don't worry sister.  Mommy will find you another one.

She came home to a surprise.  My mom left her a baby alive.  She has been wanting one, thanks to some YouTube videos.  This doll eats playdoh food and poops it out.  I just had to laugh when the doll said...I think I made a stinky. 

When it was finally time to relax and kick my shoes off, I saw that I made it home with some glitter from the photo shoot.  A little glitter never hurt no one!

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  1. Lordy I need a pedi something awful!! Hoping that will happen tomorrow!