Sunday, April 24, 2016

Let's Talk - Hair and Makeup

Today I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for their Let's Talk serious, and it's all about hair and makeup.  Honestly, I do not feel qualified.  Over half the time my hair is pulled up in a ponytail holder, and I'm lucky if I get a full face of makeup on more than just Sunday.  I'm sharing my top 3 beauty products and hoping to find others to try out.

1.  I love these Olay Fresh Effects Everything Off wipes.  The fragrance is really light and refreshing.  Also, it's the only wipe I have used that does not burn my eyes when removing my mascara.

2.  I came across It's a 10 on accident.  Amazon sent me someone else's order.  When I called to get instructions on returning the item, they told me they could not take this type of item back.  They told me to keep it and ensured me they would send the item to the correct person also.  I use this product, but I especially love using it on Hallie's hair.  After washing her hair, it is one tangled bird's nest.  It is impossible to brush it.  This leave in product combined with the Wet Brush is THE BEST!  

3.  I read about MAC's paint pot in painterly on a blog.  I don't recall which one though.  I use it as a eye shadow premier.  I do think it helps eyeshadow stay on longer and in place.  After using it for awhile, I read another blog that recommended using the product as a concealer.  I tried it as a concealer as well and was very pleased.  

So if I could only pick 3 beauty products, these would be it.  One of the things I love about blogging is finding new products to try.  What would your top 3 products be?  Let me know in the comments or link up with Andrea and Erika.  


  1. You're the third blog I have read in ten minutes that recommend that wet brush! Apparently I live under a rock, because I don't have one. I think I need to check it out though! Have a great week!

  2. The wet brush is a total must with kids! I need to pull my It's a 10 out again...I think I received some in a Birchbox and was really happy with it. I suck at hair and makeup.