Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Target, dance, and fun

This weekend involved lots of fun activities for the kids.

The kiddos and I went to Target Friday night. I was looking for some skinny camo pants I seen on Instagram, but didn't have any luck finding them. But I did find some other things I just had to have...ha. Really, who can leave target empty handed? I was really excited to find me and David some shirts for our upcoming Disney trip. I also picked up some fall m&m's. I didn't care for the pumpkin spice. I'll just stick with the original.

The kids were excited about getting icees. I got to thinking. This was Hallie's first Target icee. How can that be? I guess because I usually go to Target on my lunch break, so she's never with me.

We decided to eat pizza for dinner. Love my Friday night dates.

Saturday morning Hallie had her first baby ballerina class. She did good, and I think she really enjoyed it.

Later we headed to the mall and met Sara and her kiddos while Bryson's dad took him to The Monkey House. I was nervous about him going since last time at The Monkey House he ended up with an ankle injury. Thankfully, he came home injury free.

Caleb stayed over Saturday night with Bryson. The boys went to church for pizza and a movie. When they got home, they went straight for the xbox. These boys love video games.

Sunday was the usual...church, family time, and chores.  I was taking Hallie's picture before church, and she did this pose all on her own.  So sweet!

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