Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday - Halloween Edition!

Today is Friday the 13th (insert creepy music).  The temperature this morning is cooler and more fall like than it has been.  And the combination of both of those has got me in the Halloween spirit.  So this Five on Friday is dedicated to Halloween!

{ONE} Bryson and I sat down last night and searched Pinterest for costume inspiration.  FINALLY, we have some options.  So far, he has agreed to duck dynasty, smurf, or mad scientist.  He is leaning more towards duck dynasty.  I’m ok with that because I can see us all dressing up together for another year!  Bryson can be Si.  David can be Phil.  I can be Ms. Kay.  Hallie can be a duck or one of Ms. Kay’s dogs.  Here is some pics from Pinterest. (Oh, all pictures in this post are from Pinterest.  I did not insert links because 1. there wasn't a link or 2. the link was not correct).

 {TWO} So doing this with the kids this year!!

{THREE} I really think this is cute.  I just wonder how long it would take to do.  Honestly, with kids, school schedules, dance, soccer, etc.  I just don’t think this is in the works for us this year. But I want to keep it in mind just in case.

{FOUR} How fun and easy does this look.  I could totally pull this off.  I’ll do this for a special Saturday breakfast.

{FIVE} Perfect Halloween treat for Bryson’s class.

Anyone else in the Halloween spirit?

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  1. These are so cute! I would just die if I saw duck dynasty walking around! I wish I had boys cause I would love it! Big fans over here!! And I totally want to do the smell my feet plate now!