Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Not so much of a Weekend Recap!

Well this weekend included hardly any activity.  Hallie was getting over her virus, and then her allergies flared up.  My allergies flared up on Friday.  I was so exhausted.  We both just lounged around the house all day.  I was sad that she missed her first baby ballerina class on Saturday, but neither one of us were up to it. 

Pic of the sickies trying to have a little fun while hanging on the coach all day.  Apparently, sis had snot on her face.  See that shiny, glaring spot around her nose/check?  Yep, that's snot.  Love those pics you take, and then look at later and see things you didn't know.

Hallie's allergies are now under control with Benedryl.  Nothing I took was working, so I ended up going to the doctor on Monday. The verdict is a sinus infection. Hopefully with all the meds the doc prescribed,  I'll be better soon. I'm ready for a good night's rest.

Hoping and praying for a better week!

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