Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Midweek Randoms

Linking up with Megan for Midweek Randoms!

  • I really am trying to love Bloglovin, but I'm struggling. I do like the app version better than the full site version. I don't understand why so many people like Bloglovin as their reader. Am I missing something?

  • Facebook and Instagram are making it WAY to easy for me to shop. I have bought several things from pictures I have seen in my feed. I may have to unlike/unfollow all the boutiques....Nah.

  • First H&M. Now TJ Maxx. Come on Ikea. Please start online shopping.

  • David got a splinter in his hand that he could not get out. He had to have it cut out. We joke about his bandage. Reminds us of those team foam fingers.

  • I attended a ladies luncheon for women in the oil & gas industry. They gave away prizes. I won a hobo clutch. It's cute, but I'm just not the clutch type. Someone is getting a good gift :)

  • At the luncheon, they served the kind of butter that's in small packages. I absolutely hate this butter. I like my butter to go on nice and smooth. My bread always looks mutilated after using this butter.
  • Last night we were outside playing. Bryson was barefooted. He got a sticker in his foot. He took it out and went inside. He came out a few minutes wearing one sock. Ummm...ok? Don't you think two shoes would have been better? Silly boy!

  • I am seeing a lot of pictures of sweet little girls in their new Matilda Jane. I'm anxiously waiting for our release 2 package to arrive.

Happy Wednesday!!

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  1. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog this week! It's always so nice to find new people that live around the area! I'm from Paris, AR so I am VERY familiar with Ft. Smith! I noticed that you are not really loving Bloglovin. I'm using on my computer and the app on my phone and iPad. I'm pretty happy with it! Have a great weekend!