Thursday, October 3, 2013

Week Recap 9/23-9/26

Monday – Bryson had soccer practice.  This was his second practice.  I was unable to attend his first practice because of prior obligations at church.  David didn't get any pictures of his first practice because he left his phone at home.  So, we’ll count this as first practice.


Precious.  Both of them are sucking on their bottom lip.  I didn’t notice this while taking the picture.


Tuesday – I got a call in the afternoon from Bryson’s school saying that his eye was hurt and they thought he needed to go to the doctor.  When I picked him up, his eye was swollen, red, and running nonstop.  I took him to the optometrist.  She put iodine in his eye and examined it under a black light.  There was a bright neon line where his eye had been scratched.  Nana was playing with him before school and accidentally scratched his eye.  The optometrist prescribed some drops that dilated his eye and some antibiotics.  Bryson was worried about going back to school and being ugly from his dilated eye.  I tried to convince him how cool it was, and he could tell the kids at school that he was magic.  It didn’t work.  I have my suspicions that he wore sunglasses all day during school.   

This was our planned fair night.  We thought about not going because of Bryson’s eye and Hallie was in a sour mood from not having a nap, but Bryson (and secretly me too) would have been so disappointed if we didn’t go and it was the only night we could go.   

As soon as we got there we ran into by BFF and her fam.  Our kids enjoyed some rides together. 

Hallie did okay.  The first ride was going good.  We were going round and round.  Then, we started going up, and that’s when she wasn’t having fun anymore.  She just buried her head in my lap until the ride was over.  I could not determine why she liked some rides and not others.  I was hoping to gain some perspective to help in planning our upcoming Disney trip. 

Wednesday – We usually go to church, 
but we decided we needed a day of rest. 

Thursday – Bryson had his first soccer game.  His team won.  Bryson was pumped that he got to play goalie for part of the game.

This week was a busy week.  I’m afraid all weeks are going to be like that for a while. 




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