Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!  It's been forever since I've blogged and boy, do I have a lot of catching up to do.  All my summer was spent on 3 things.....working, trying to have the best summer ever with the kids, and planning our Disney vacation.  More post to come on the best summer ever and Disney planning :)

The kids have started back to school.  The first couple of weeks, Hallie's class is reviewing colors and supposed to wear a certain color every day.  Bryson and I have been playing along with her.  I'm thinking I may have to keep the color routine for myself.  It has made be pull things out of my closet that have not been worn in a LONG time.  It's like shopping my closet haha.





And speaking of clothes, I enjoy finding clothes for us to wear on our Disney trip.  Bryson is getting harder to buy for our trips because he's older and most things are too kiddy, according to him.  I did find him a shirt from Old Navy that he approved of.  It's Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas.  It's perfect for our Halloween trip.  


And because I think it's totally awesome when brother and sister match, I got Hallie this dress from Kpea.  I'm hoping to get a picture with Jack and Sally with the kids in their outfits.  I think I see a Disney clothing post in the future :)  

Ok, enough about clothes.  I bought this chalkboard sign at Hobby Lobby Saturday.  I absolutely love it!!  I've been brainstorming some fun ideas on how we can us it this fall.  I've got a couple of ideas, but love to hear any suggestions.   

Another purchase that I recently made that is awesome is a membership to Spotify.  It is a music player.  They also have an app.  You can create endless playlists.  There is a free version.   However, I recently became an indoor cycling instructor and benefit more from the paid version.  The paid version is only 9.99/month.  Totally worth it to me.  I love that I can follow other cycling instructors and see their playlists to get ideas.  And I leave you with a little cycling humor that is totally true!! 

Happy Friday and have a FABULOUS weekend!!




  1. Your kids are so cute in their color coordination! I love that you and your son are playing along with her. It reminds me of when I was a teacher and I'd try to shop my closet for whatever themes we had for spirit week and I'd wear things I hadn't worn in forever just because they fit the theme. Have a great weekend!

  2. Aww such cute color coordination!

  3. Love the color coordination!! And the disney outfits will be so fun! My sister in law coordinated her kids and disney and it was really cute! I've done 2 cycling classes and barely survived (really I was laughed at by loved ones :) ) super impressed you teach!!

  4. I'm looking forward to the Disney posts. We're going on a Disney vacation with the whole family next April and this will be the first Disney vacation since my niece was born and she's the first grandchild in the family so we're not terribly familiar with any of the child-related stuff at Disney. We're always looking for tips.