Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September Goals

It's been forever since I've blogged any goals.  This month seemed like the perfect time to start back up.  The kids are back in school.  We are working on a routine.  It's almost like a fresh start.  I decided not to go too crazy with goals and stick to things that need to be done, instead of things I would like to do. 

Several goals are related to our upcoming Disney trip in October.  I would like to be prepared and not wait until the last minute.
  • start packing for Disney
  • start on our Disney cruise fish extender gifts
  • setup a time to speak with Bryson's teachers about his school work while on vacation
Also, indirectly related to Disney....
  • Get a new phone.  It's sad, but I use my phone to take all my pictures.  I even have a nice Cannon with a couple of lenses.  It's just so darn convenient to use the phone.  If I'm going to use my phone for pictures, I would like to upgrade for better quality.
  • Purchase or make Halloween costumes.  We would do this any year.  However, this year we will be using our costumes during the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party.   
  • Start logging food in MyFitnessPal.  I really slacked last month, and I can tell.  I would like to drop some pounds before our trip just so I can gain it all back on the cruise haha.  
Non Disney related...
  • Vet checkup for Sadie
  • Take my vehicle in for recalls 
  • Enjoy our annual trip to the fair

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