Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 4th Weekend Recap

The weekend was jammed pack with family, friends, food, fireworks, and fun. 

Our celebrations started Thursday night.  We headed down to the town’s firework show with my parents and my neighbor.  

Hallie entertained herself with rocks until it got dark for the fireworks.  Oh, I need to remind myself not to park and sit in front of a big street light next year.  The fireworks would have been a lot more enjoyable without the bright light.  

Friday morning I headed to the gym.  I needed to burn some extra calories for all the food consuming that was going to happen over the weekend.  After my workout, I picked up Bryson.  We had a little lunch date and bought some more fireworks for our Saturday get together.   

The kids went to another fireworks show at night time with my parents.  David and I took that that time to enjoy a movie.  The opportunity rarely comes when we can sit down and enjoy a movie.  So we take it when we can. 

We had family and friends over on Saturday.  I wanted this day to be all about fun and laughter.  I think it was a success.  Well, except for Hallie.  Homegirl had a few melt downs.  I divided everyone into teams, and we played fun games.  The winning team got a prize.  The highlight was when mom fell into the pool.  She fell while running during one of the games.  She got up and started running again without ever regaining her balance.  She stumbled a few steps and landed right in the baby pool.

Over/Under Game

There's a Hole in My Cup Game

Snack Toss Game

Hose Head Game


Frozen Shirt Game

We ran out of day light and didn't get to play all the games I had planned, but there's always next year.  Nacole and mom won the competition.  

Sunday afternoon, the kids enjoyed leftover game supplies (soap, sponges, shower caps, and cups with holes in the bottom) in the pool.  We had leftovers for dinner and then lit the remaining fireworks. 

I am sad that the weekend is over.  Monday is here and it’s back to the grind. 

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