Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weigh in....Thursday

Okay, so I seriously wasn't going to link up this week.  I'm in a funk.  Sometimes I'm just tired of the journey.  In the past week, I have had this thought 5,743 times...I wish I could be skinny and eat whatever I want.  

I kind of feel defeated.  I did good on my goals and didn't get the results I wanted. In the beginning the weight came off quick.  Now it's a slow process.  A continuous rollercoaster of up and down.  I read Aubrey's post and it was like she was reading my mind.  I've got to make a mental adjustment and be okay with the weight coming off slowly.  That doesn't mean I'm going to throw caution to the wind.  My goal is to stay focused and be happy for those 1/2 pound loses.

So one to something I find a little humorous to lift my spirits.  I've always had a booty and always will.  It's just the way I'm made.  This pic shows a big booty girl problem.  I've lost around 21 pounds.  These pants still fit because the booty is holding them up.  

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  1. Ha! You look great!! I would take some of your booty any day :)

  2. Same problem here, sister! Big booty probs all day long! Congrats on the 21 lbs lost!

  3. Haha so funny!! I definitely do NOT have a booty, but I have been working on it. ;) You look great, girl! And I love that picture- even if you lose 1/2 a pound a day... SO true!