Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Five

Yay, it's finally Friday!!  This week has been super busy.  I'm ready for some R&R. 
ONE I found these awesome back to school cookies at the store.  A back to school celebration is obviously a must now!!!

TWO My new kicks from the Nordstrom anniversary sale arrived.  I'm in love!!

THREE This picture just makes me happy!  That is corn from the hubby's garden, and I bought those corn cob holders on our last trip to Disney.

FOUR I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner monogram swap.  I have either sold or put up to save most of Hallie's monogram stuff.  I found this one little lurker.  I'm giving it to anyone who has a Hallie size 12-18 month.

FIVE The first release of the Matilda Jane fall line is August 1st.  This momma is excited.  Of course I'll be buying some pieces for Hallie, but I also can't wait to see their mom items.  I absolutely love my ruffles.  They are so comfy and cute.  My dad tends to disagree.  He makes fun of them every time I wear them.  Pshh, what does he know :)


  1. Obsessed with your new sneakers - I love seeing everyone's Nordstrom sale finds! Happy Friday!

  2. Several things...
    1) You ROCK those MJ ruffles!!! I am way too excited about release :)
    2) I am obsessed with the back to school coookies!
    3) Your new shoes are way too cute! LOVE!

    Thanks so much for linking up!
    :) Andrea

  3. My little guy will die over those bus cookies!!!


  4. I have a Hallie, size 12-18 months! I would love this! (And anything else monogrammed that you are looking to get rid of!) Thank you!

  5. Cute!! I did not realize MJ had adults. How did I miss this? Love the ruffles!

  6. Ummmm those sneakers are awesome! I did some damage with the sale this year! Thanks so much for linking up!

  7. OMG OMG those sneakers....AMAZING.

  8. Those ice cream pants are too cute! I like the ruffles and the MJ ruffles too!

  9. So glad you stopped by - loved reading through your recent post. You look PERFECT in the Matilda Jane ruffles! I have been debating them the last few releases but always chicken out. I just may do some though tomorrow :)