Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Recap

Friday evening, Hallie and I went out for a little date.  We went to the nail salon.  She was super excited.  She picked blue for her toes and purple and pink for her fingers.

Saturday morning, I got Hallie's invitations printed.  Also, the aquaballs I ordered for her party arrived. Things are slowly coming together for the birthday celebration.

We also headed to Toys R Us for her to pick out some toys she wants for her birthday.  Of course, half of the stuff she picked out was play doh, and the other half was princess items. 

We came home and did a little swimming.  After swimming, Hallie went down for a nap.  I used that opportunity to do my jamberry 7 day challenge.  

Saturday evening, Hallie stayed with nana while we took Bryson school shopping for shoes.  We decided we needed a massage after all the shopping.  Bryson thought the chair was great!

While at the mall, we stopped at the Hallmark store to reserve an Elsa ornament for Hallie.  Every year we get the kids an ornament that relates to something they did or liked during the year.  

Sunday morning, we headed to church and then our favorite Mexican resturant.  

The remaining day was spent doing choirs and errands to prepare for the upcoming week.

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