Thursday, June 25, 2015

Weekend Recap

Friday morning we went to the gym.  Bryson was excited to get his fitness on.

After the gym, we met up with my BFF and her kiddos.  We watched Inside Out.  It was a little above Hallie's head and she got restless toward the end. 

After the movie, we went next door to the Italian ice cream store.  My friend made a comment about how Bryson is growing up...working out and ordering cappuccino ice cream.  How true and sad!  My baby boy is growing up :(

That evening I had a girls night out with another friend, but not before going to Walmart so Bryson could buy a new video game with his own money. 

Saturday morning the kids went on a little trip with my parents, stepsister, and her kids to a museum a few hours away.  I used that free time to clean house and run

Sunday morning Hallie went to wake Bryson up.  She said, "Bryson wake up.  Happy Father's Day."  Silly girl.  I don't always have time to coordinate their Sunday outfits, but I love it when I do!!

We ate at a little sandwich shop after church.  Hallie enjoyed the extra whip cream on my piece of pie. 

Sunday evening we took hubby, my step dad, and neighbor (adopted granddad) out to eat at Red Lobster.  I hate seafood, but it's hubby's favorite and it was his day.  I told Bryson we had to take one for the team.  He was confused about that saying, but he's good now after I explained. 

One the way home, we stopped by Walmart for a few things.  We sent the hubby in, and we had a dance party in the truck.  Fun times!

This weekend was jammed packed with friends and family.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  My heart is full!!

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  1. Looks like a fun weekend! Love the picture of your kids on Sunday morning. Ha ha, take one for the team! I'm always explaining sayings to my kids too. We saw Inside Out on Tuesday. I thought it was cute. Made me cry though!