Thursday, June 18, 2015

Weekend Recap

Friday night, the girl and I headed for a little road trip to get pictures done.  We drove about an hour and half.  She did so good with the little trip.  She is usually not a good traveler.  I was worried since the Hubby wasn't going, but she did awesome!! 

I took a few pictures with my phone.  I just couldn't help myself.  Was that really rude?  I made sure not to get in the photographer's way.  

And about 30 minutes before we got home, she finally passed out.  That in itself is a miracle.  This girl fights sleeps.  I can count on one hand how many times she has fallen asleep in the car since she's been born. 

Since she did so good, I told her we would go to Toys R Us on Saturday to get a toy.  She roamed the store looking for the perfect toy.  She finally decided on a My Little Pony play-doh set.  

Sunday after church, we ate at Cracker Barrel.  She's in heaven when we go.  I have to admit, they do have some cool stuff. 

The hubby picked up a few candy bars.  He insisted that I try the pigs n' taters bar.  He went on and on about how it's so good and I will love it.  So, I took a bite.  I hated it.  I thought he was playing a joke on me.  But no, he really thinks they're good.  I prefer my chocolate, bacon, and potato chips separated.

It was a great weekend, and sister had a lot of one on one time.  We are all getting anxious for Bubba to get home soon.  

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  1. I'm just now seeing this post! The pictures of your sweet girl are going to be amazing. :) Uhm, I have to agree with you. That candy bar does not sound appetizing at all. Ha ha!