Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend recap

The weekend started out with a birthday celebration at La Huerta for a fit fam member.  We waited over on hour for a table, but the company was good.  Sad I didn't get a pic.

Saturday morning, the girl and I headed to Walgreens for a little couponing.  We had a little pizza lunch date followed up by some ice cream.  We returned home for nap time.  Can't fool me with that fake sleeping.

After nap time we headed to target for some more couponing.  Then, we did a little firework shopping to prepare for the weekend.  Hallie got a free firework for being so cute.  Okay, she probably got it because of the money we spent....haha.  

We finished up the evening with some bike riding.  

We went to church Sunday and Hallie was looking caaaaute.

After naptime. We heading outside to play.  Hallie wanted to get in the pool with her clothes on.  Sure, why not.  

Later, we went to eat and did some firework window shopping.  This time she got a free firework at two stands AND we didn't even spend any money.  Score.  

We are looking forward to the short work week and July 4th festivities!!

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