Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Recap

Unexpectedly we were without kids Friday night. Bryson stayed with his dad and my mom text me around 7:30 that she would keep Hallie. It was late so we couldn't really do anything. But I had visions of sleeping in on Saturday until I remembered that I told Sarah I would be at bootcamp at 8:30. Had I have known it was going to be outside I might have accidentally overslept...hehe. This momma does not handle the heat very well. I like to exercise in nice cool air conditioned buildings.

Saturday we went to a bowling birthday party for Bailey and Brody. David and I both got our exercise chasing Hallie around. She made it out to the lane once and fell since it was so slick. I was right behind her and nearly took a fall myself. That would have been hysterical.

This girl did not eat any of the cookie, but she made sure she got every last bite of icing off of it.

We left the party 20 minutes early to rush over to my grandma's for her 80th birthday.  I think she gets lots of joy from these two. 

After driving for about 10 minutes on the way to grandma's, Bryson gasped as he realized he left his shoes at the bowling alley and still had bowling shoes on. We were able to get a hold of Sara so she could get his shoes. Now I have a pair of bowling shoes I need to return.

Sunday was the, chores, and family time. During Hallie's nap time, I sat with Bryson and played Snap Circuits. He got this for Christmas and still hadn't played with it. We both enjoyed it.  I highly recommend it for any young boys.

In the evening, the kids played outside in the water. Bryson was riding on Hallie's tricycle and going through her car wash. She thought it was so funny. Love them so much!

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