Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Recap

Friday afternoon the boys got haircuts.  They came home with an awesome surprise.  A month or so ago, we took in a stray dog.  We didn’t put her in the fence.  After a week, she was gone.  I was a little sad.  Later, we thought we seen her in another person’s yard.  David stopped once and no one was home.  One the way home from haircuts, he stopped again.  The dog didn’t belong to them.  They just found her.  He got to bring her home…YAY.  This time we put her in the fence.  

Saturday was spent finishing up school shopping for Bryson.  We went early so it wasn’t too crazy.  Even though it was just school shopping, I enjoyed the one on one time with my little man.

 Sunday was our back to school service at church.  We had some entertaining guests and prayed over all the kids.  Bryson asked if we could go to Chili’s for lunch after church.  I thought why not for back to school.  I guess I didn’t take into consideration that it would be Hallie’s nap time.  Or maybe I did and thought she would do ok.  Boy, was I wrong!  Even though she was cranky, she was still so darn cute.

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