Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday! Football Edition

Linking up with Five on Friday!  Well it's here...Football Season.  Woohoo!!  So this Five on Friday is dedicated to football and our favorite team.

{ONE} Absolutely love this video. Watch out...the song is catchy. I found myself singing the chorus. Arkansas Razorbacks, this is our yeaaaarrr. Fight, fight, fight. We'll never yieeeelldd.

{TWO} Football and much more southern can you get?  This outfit is to die for. Unfortunately it's too small for our girl, so I'm going to sell it.  Let me know if you are interested.

{THREE} I saw this pic on Instagram yesterday. How cute! I'm definitely going to do this, with razorback colors of course.

{FOUR} I really want a razorback wreath for our door. Here are a couple I came across that I really like.

{FIVE} Bryson's valentine box this year was a razorback. We had lots of fun making this.  Oh, and excuse the hair.  Picture was taken prebrushing.

Happy Friday!!

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