Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday

  • I have made a new commitment to blogging.  I really want to document all the important things in our lives.  It makes me sad to scroll through the over 7,000 pics on my phone and not have any words to go with them.  My goal for now is 3 posts a week.  I can do this!!! 

  • I had the crazy dream this week.  JT is my fav male celebrity.  He is just so cute and funny.  I had a dream nightmare that JT and Dr. Vogel from Dexter where making out.  Creepy!
  • This weather has been crazy.  I don’t remember ever having summer weather like this, but I ain’t complaining.

  • I got a call from Hallie’s preschool principal.  She was just calling to give the parents an update.  She said that Hallie was running the class.  I immediately pictured Miss Bossy pants giving orders….sit down, shut the door, move.  The principal continued to say that she is such a delight and helping the younger kids that haven’t figured things out yet.  WHEW!  For a second I thought she was in trouble.
  • Came across this on facebook.  I'm game!

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