Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was full of family fun.  Just the way I like it!

Friday night, we took the kids to see Cinderella.  Hallie really enjoyed Frozen Fever before the movie.  She did okay during Cinderella.  I think we need to stick to animated movies for a little bit longer.  After the movies, we went to eat pizza. 

It was raining Saturday morning.  Normally hubby is doing yard work on Saturday mornings, so I take the kids wherever I need to go.  The rain meant he had to stay inside.  This meant I got to run some errands kid free.  Yay!!  I leisurely roamed the isles of CVS Pharmacy and picked up some 90% of Easter goodies.  The pooping chicken was a hit with Hallie.     

I also enjoyed a relaxing pedicure.  I opted for a springy pink color.

By the time I got home, the rain stopped and the sun was out.  The kids were going stir crazy from being in the house all morning.  I think the hubby was too.  We decided to head to the local Spinach Festival at the city park.  It was a bust.  Lots of vendors had left because of the rain.  Bryson did the trampoline, and Hallie rode a pony.  The majority of our time was spent having fun at the park playground. 

Sunday morning, we went to churchAfter church, we went to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  When we asked the kids where they wanted to eat, Hallie said she wanted to go see amigo (our favorite server at the resturant).  He always approaches us with a huge smile and "hola amigos".  He calls Bryson "amigo" and Hallie "little one".  He makes our dining experience enjoyable.  

After church, I snapped a few pictures of Hallie, and Bryson got to learn how to mow.  He did a great job, but he did complain for hours about how his thumbs hurt.  Sorry bubba, that won't get you out of doing it next time :) 

Later that evening, we went to my brother's house for a barbeque with his family and my parents.  It was a perfect ending to the weekend.  

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  1. Yay for some kid free errands! And a pedi, even better! Looks like you still had fun even if the festival was a bust. I want to try that trampoline! ;)