Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter weekend was full of family traditions. 

We color eggs every year.  The little ones always sport just underwear.  Bryson has finally moved up to wearing a shirt...haha.

We found a fun Easter egg kit with crazy faces and hair.  The hair was supposed to be glued on with sugar glue.  Ummm what?!?!  Ain't no body got time for that.  Glue sticks for us.  Who's going to eat the shell anyways?

We had a little egg hunt for the kids on Saturday evening.  We purposely didn't mow the grass the weekend before so that we would have some good hiding places.  Bryson's eggs were camo and actually pretty hard to find.  Hallie would find one of his eggs and point it out to him.  He was not appreciative of sister's help.  He was determined to find them on his own.


Easter baskets ready Sunday morning.  I had to be at church early to work, so I didn't get to see Hallie open her basket.  The Frozen chocolate surprise eggs must have been a big hit since they were all open by the time I got home.  The Easter bunny even left something for the hubby :) 


They had a very cute Easter background for pics at church.  This is the first year we did not color coordinate as a family.  I had planned on it, but I had to work, which meant church t-shirt for me.  Serving in the kids ministry was definitely worth giving up coordinating outfits

After church, we stopped by the house to get a change of shoes for the Easter egg hunt at my mom's.  Bryson left with me early to go to church.  He finally got to go through his basket.  He was super surprised to get a rare skylander trap.    

We had the traditional egg hunt at my mom's.  No kids are too big.  Heck, even adults hunt.  I mean, there is money in some eggs. 

Hallie was over the picture taking and letting me know.

I love that there is land where we can all spread out and have fun.

Later that night, Hallie got to enjoy another gift that the Easter bunny left.  Man, that bunny sure knows she loves Frozen :) 

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