Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

It was an easy weekend with no plans.  Thank goodness because Hallie has some serious drainage going on that has her coughing ALL night.  We have been giving her medicine, but it doesn't seem to help.  I was trying to get her to take a nap one day and noticed her putting her fingers in her mouth.  I remember the dentist saying she would probably have all her 2 year molars by Christmas.  Sure enough, I checked and the first one was poking through.  I'm sure that is what is causing all her congestion and drainage.  I'm just not sure what to do for her since her meds aren't working.  I'm seriously thinking about trying some oils.  So many people have been raving about them lately.  I don't think it would hurt anything to try. 

Friday after work, I headed to the gym.  After the gym, I had some errands to run.  I went to the post office.  The lady worker told me I looked cute in my gym clothes.  I was surprised by her compliment considering I was all nasty and sweaty.  She reminded me that I need to compliment others more often.  You just never know when you'll make someone's day.

Friday night, my mom and I headed to Target for some couponing.  I spent my savings on a puffer vest for myself.  Confession time.  The puffer vest came from the girls department.  This is the first time I have bought something from the girls department for myself and now I'm sure it won't be the last.

Saturday morning, Hallie and I headed to Toys R Us for some couponing.  Got to raise her right :)  She was looking so cute and making all kinds of expressions.

 With her coupons, she got some Play-Doh originally priced at 5.99 for .10.  Way to go baby girl!!

Sunday morning we went to church.  When leaving, we asked Hallie where she wanted to go for lunch.  Her response....El A Trio.  It's actually El Trio, but she added the extra A.  Homegirl loves her Mexican food.   

We picked up Bryson that afternoon.  The kids enjoyed some outside time at Grandma and Grandad's.  Oh, and she picked out her outdoor attire :)

Bryson played football with Hallie.  He's such a good brother!

Happy Monday!!  Hoping for a fabulous week!! 

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