Thursday, September 11, 2014

Friday Five Favorites

Yippee for Friday!! I’m so ready for the weekend. Work has finally settled down now that I have filed all corporate tax deadlines, and this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous weather.

Here’s a look at some recent favorites.
I went shopping at a local bi-annual kid’s consignment sale. I bought a cute Halloween outfit and two Hello Kitty Halloween shirts. The shirts still had the tags on them!! Sister is set for Halloween.

While shopping, a little boys Halloween shirt stopped me in my tracks, and I nearly teared up. Why??? Because Bryson had this shirt about 7 years ago. My baby boy isn’t quite a baby anymore :(


Oh, at the kid’s sale, I use a trash can with wheels to shop. I bought a trash can specifically for the sale several years ago. It is used only for the sale and is stored in the garage. I know it sounds strange, but everybody uses a trash can, laundry basket, wagon, etc. while shopping. When I got home, I brought the trash can in with everything I purchased. I began taking everything out. Hallie was super excited about some tennis shoes I got her. I told her she could wear them to school the next day. As she was walking into school the next day, she proceeds to tell the teachers to look at her new shoes and that her mommy got them out of the trash can. I didn’t even try to explain.

I ran into Carter’s the other day to waist a few minutes. I found some caaaaute clothes that I’m putting on Hallie’s my wishlist. I would have bought the denim chambray shirt, but they only had size 4 left and we need a 3. I may head back this weekend with her to try it on. A little big is ok, right? Just means she can get more wear out of it :)

Wednesday was dress like a farmer day at Hallie’s school. She was not feeling the overalls at all (which I also got at the kid’s sale), and I seriously thought it was going to be a battle. But once I told her that papa wears overalls, everything was good and she put them on without any resistance….PTL. I had good intentions of making her a cute farmer with all kinds of ideas from Pinterest. But the night before, I was up all night passing a kidney stone. Oh well. I’ll have my work cut out for me when she has to dress like Johnny Appleseed in a couple of weeks.

I am continuously amazed at the stuff Hallie can find on YouTube. Recently, she has been watching Elsa makeup tutorials. One day she was being way too quite. I went to check on her. She had my makeup bag. When I asked her what she was doing, she said look at my Elsa tutorial makeup. She was pretty proud of herself.

This is the year. The year that Bryson has homework consistently…as in every night. The first week of school was pretty rough. He had several melt downs during homework. It’s better now, but I AM still adjusting to homework every night.

The other night, we were going over his vocabulary words and how to use them in sentences. One word was cherish. I said I will always cherish the ring that my grandmother gave me. Next thing, he’s asking me for the wedding ring from his dad’s and my marriage. I told him I didn’t have it anymore. He was very disappointed. He asked what am I supposed to give my wife. I explained to him that wedding rings aren’t reused. He would have to buy his own. Oh goodness, he has lots of life lessons to learn.

Ok, so I really didn’t have the ring turned into a bullet, but I did think it was funny.   

Happy Weekend!!!             

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  1. Your trash can on wheels is cracking me up!!! You got SOOO many good things!!

  2. Hello Kitty + Halloween--too cute!
    Love those Carter's plaid shirts!!