Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up: Crystal Bridges

Friday evening I enjoyed a little shopping trip to Walgreens ALONE.  I know...so exciting, huh?  But I did get pretty pumped about some cool spoons and disney chapstick I found in the clearance section.  

Later that evening I was picking up toys before putting Hallie to bed.  Homegirl was literally less than 5 feet away from me when she decided to lather up her hands with some lip gloss and leave some hand prints on the couch.  She also thought the Ipad needed some lip gloss.  Oh that girl!!!

Friday night we stayed up to 1:00 watching The Hunger Games. Bryson recently read the book. I told him once he once done, we would watch the movie together. Unfortunately it’s not a movie suitable for sister, so we had to wait until she went to bed to start watching it. Bryson insisted on popcorn and coke. I might have wanted some also, especially after the lip gloss fiasco. He’s now reading Catching Fire and looking forward to our next movie night. This might just become a tradition. 

We headed up the hill Saturday to visit the Crystal Bridges museum for the first time.  Sis and I were matching in our camo and denim.

We stopped on the way and ate at Chuy’s. We all thought it was pretty good except for Bryson.  It wasn’t exactly like his Juanito Special he gets at the local restaurant.

Chuy’s gives the kids push pops when they finish their meal. Hallie really enjoyed her first push pop. 


Crystal Bridges was really neat. It was really busy. I’m not sure if it is always that busy on the weekend, or if it was crowded because it was the first day of some new exhibit. Our first stop was to one of the studios. They had art supplies setup so that everyone could get their craft on. We stayed in the studio for quite some time making bracelets and decorating iphone/ipod holders.

We tried to view some exhibits inside, but Hallie was just too touchy. We decided to head outside. It was a beautiful day, and we really enjoyed the trails. 

I’d definitely like to go back when Hallie’s older to view all the inside exhibits.  After the museum, the girls did some shopping at Target while the boys hit up Cabella’s. The kids enjoyed icees from Target, and the adults stopped by Andy’s Frozen Custard on the way home. A great way to end an awesome day.

We went to church and then out to eat on Sunday. In the evening, the hubs and I had to head back up to church for a B Team dinner. We just joined the B Team and will be serving very soon. I really enjoyed fellowshipping with others. Now that we have decided to make this our new home church, I’m excited to start making connections.

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  1. I love your denim/camo outfit. Definitely need to recreate that this fall, it's adorable!