Monday, September 29, 2014

These are a Few of my Favorite Things....Under $10

Linking up with Andrea and Erika today to share some of my favorite finds under $10

I found this cute little girl at Wal-Mart for only $7.97.  I may have named her Susie :)

These potatoes were also found at Wal-Mart.  They were quick, easy, and tasty.  Meets all my requirements.  They had different flavors.  We'll definitely be trying the others.  


I found this cute little sign at TJ Maxx this weekend for $9.99.  The little broom is from Target and is $3.00.  I'll be pairing these with a picture of Hallie.  Can't wait to get it all together!


I picked up some of this lotion this weekend for $5.00.  It is AMAZING!

Ok, so I don't remember if my next find was under $10, but it's definitely worth mentioning.  Does anyone else think the prices of razors is ridiculous?!?!  I had heard about Dollar Shave Club, so I googled it to get some more information.  What I found out is that Dollar Shave Club gets their razors from Dorco, and by buying from Dorco directly, you cut the middle man out and pay even less.  I ordered the hubby some razors from there.  He is very picky when it comes to razors.  He usually will only use the most expensive ones.  I bought ones that Dorco said compared to what he already uses.  He has been pleased.  We will definitely be ordering from Dorco again.  After ordering, they sent me a free razor, a coupon, and a thank you card.  Talk about awesome customer service! 

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you found something you just can't live without...haha.  Can't wait to check out what everybody else found!  


  1. I was at Wal-mart this weekend and didn't see that cutie pie you have hanging on your door. I might have to go back and see if I find her. So adorable! I also love that sign. I would keep it up even after Halloween!
    Stopping by from the Favorite Things Party!!

  2. Cute fall decorations!

    I need to stock up on my Bath and Body soaps. I will have to pick up some of that lotion when I'm there! :)

  3. I need those potatoes! They look delish!

  4. Stopping by from the Favorite Things Party. I love your Susie. I might need to head to WalMart to find one of my own!

  5. That sign is cute!!! Loving all the fall stuff!