Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Bryson had a friend sleepover Friday night, which helped me out because he had someone to play with while I was still getting my stuff ready for the Growing Kids Sale.  Saturday morning we dropped of our sale items and headed to Academy for a much needed pair new pair of shoes for Bryson.  His toes were popping out his other shoes.  Hopefully, the shoes were not like that too long, or people might think I’m a bad momma.  That evening, we ate at Lin’s Garden for grandma’s birthday.  Chinese is definitely not my forte, but I took one for the team.  We finished up the night with some marbles.  While getting ready for church Sunday morning, Bryson informed me that he had a loose tooth.  At first, I thought he didn’t know what he was talking about.  But then I felt, and it was definitely loose.  This will be the first tooth he will lose.  For me, that is really sad.  It’s just another milestone showing that he is growing up.  That afternoon, we had Bryson’s birthday party at Monkey House.  It was fun.  Even some adults acted like monkeys.  Oh, and I took out my friend Sara on the inflatable race thingy J

Even adults had fun

Razorback cake from Harp's

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