Sunday, March 13, 2011

3/7 Week Recap

Tuesday David & I attended the Growing Kids Sale.  Charlotte & Phyllis came along to help, and I am very grateful.  I am also very grateful for my wonderful husband participating.  He got a little stressed out, but what man wouldn’t.  We got a pack n play, swing, and bouncer for the baby.  Oh, and lots of little girl outfits.  There in great shape, and we paid less for all three than we would have for one of the items brand new.
I did not feel good Wednesday night.  I was completely exhausted and lethargic.  I’m not for sure what the deal was.  Maybe it was all that shopping the night before.  I decided to stay home from church, which doesn’t happen very often.  When I told Bryson we were staying home, he began to cry.  He was crying because he wanted to go to church.  This was a bittersweet moment for me.  On one hand, I was happy because he was crying.  This showed me how important going to church is to him.  On the other hand, I felt like a horrible mother.  My son was crying to go to church, and I was telling him no.  Hopefully, I didn’t damage him too much J
I got a text Saturday night from Bryson’s dad.  He sent a picture of Bryson with his lost tooth and said the tooth fairy is coming.  This made me sad.  I wasn’t there when he lost his first tooth, and I wouldn’t be able to play tooth fairy.  It’s not fair!!!  I know I’m being selfish….just keeping it real. 

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