Thursday, February 25, 2016

Weekend Moments

Friday morning started off this adorable girl ready to go to school.

Friday evening we decided to eat at Logan's since I had a gift card to there.  Well, it didn't work out like I had planned.  I went to pay with the gift card, and Bryson pointed out that the gift card was actually for Longhorn's, not Logan's.  Major fail.  Oh well.  We shared an awesome dessert.  Maybe we'll try to get it right this weekend and head to Longhorn's.    

After we ate, the boys dropped me and sister off at Sam's for me to browse around to see if I would be interested in a membership.  David took Bryson to get a haircut while we roamed the isles of Sam's.  Hallie was having way too much fun!

Saturday morning Hallie and I head to a photo shoot for her to model some clothes.  She patiently waited her turn on this cute little pink couch.

She did a great job, and we are super excited about the clothes she got for her little side gig.

After our little photo shoot, we went to Bryson's last baseball.  Insert all the sad face emojis.  I really wish they would just play all year long.  

Bryson made his half time free throw shot and that made this momma smile from ear to ear!

After the game, we took Bryson to stay the night with his cousin so that they could go to the new trampoline park.  While the boys had fun jumping, Hallie and I headed to Toys R Us for our own fun.

Hallie was looking pretty in some purple for church on Sunday morning.

In the afternoon, we attended a birthday party at the indoor inflatable place.  It was unseasonably warm, and all the kids looked like a hot mess.

After the party, we headed to Sam's to sign up before the new membership deal expired.  I picked up just a few things when I decided it was time to head home with these crazy kids.  I'll wait until I'm kid free to go back haha.  

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