Thursday, February 25, 2016

Valentine Celebration Catch Up

Bryson was with his dad on Valentine's weekend, so we celebrated the Monday after Valentine's Day. We started off with a fancy dinner that included paper plates, plastic cups, and pizza.

After dinner we opened gifts.  Bryson got a cool glow in the dark basketball, a Pokemon card holder with cards, and a minion heart shaped box filled with gummy candy.

Hallie got a Princess Jasmine wig that I bought on clearance at target for 4.98, regular 14.99.  Score!!  She also got Jasmine pajamas and a heart shaped Frozen container filled with jelly beans.  

I got hubby a mandalin book and CD that he has been wanting.  Hubby sent me flowers at work.  He also got me a gift certificate for a pedicure.  He knows the way to my heart. 

After playing with their new gifts for awhile, the kids opened their cards from mamaw and papaw.   

After opening gifts and playing, we watched some television in the presence of Princess Jasmine.  

It was a perfect night filled with lots of love!

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