Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Moments

Valentine festivities started Friday morning with Hallie's classroom party.  It was so cute.  They had a silly sock hop where they danced to 50's songs in their socks. 

Looking all cute in the paper plate Valentine hat she made.

When I picked up Bryson, he came out carrying his bag he made at school.  It's a barfing Valentine.  Too funny!  I'll just enjoy these days because I'm sure not ready for him to have a special person on Valentine's. 

David picked up Hallie from school and stopped at Walmart for her to pick me up a gift. She picked out some flowers, a balloon, and a little heart filled with candy. I had a good laugh because the flowers looked pretty pitiful. They were falling apart and dying. David said he tried to get her to pick out different ones, but she wanted these particular flowers because it had a few lilies that had not opened up yet. Honestly, I could care less what the flowers look like. I'll take anything my little girl wants to give me.

Saturday morning we headed to Bryson's basketball game.  I just love watching him play.  His coach said he is doing awesome on defense.  I'd have to agree :)

His last game is this weekend, and I'm pretty sad about that.

After the game, we dropped off Hallie at my parents so David and I could enjoy a little lunch date. I was little disappointed in my steak. It was overcooked. I'm not one that likes to complain about food when going out, but when a steak is $30, it should be cooked right. I got a new one cooked, and it was perfect. They also did not charge us for the steak. That's great customer service. And this lovely piece of cheesecake was perfection.

After eating, we went to get David a new cell phone and switch carriers.  We will be saving over $100 a month with the switch.  I just hope we are happy with the service.  We picked up Hallie and spent the rest of the evening chilling at home.

Sunday morning I was scheduled to work in children's church.  I went to Walmart on the way to church to pick up some of those Valentine conversation hearts for a few games.  I turned the corner and was shocked that the Valentine isle was now the Easter isle.  Luckily, I was able to find a small section of Valentine candy that had been moved across the store. 

After church we headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant and this cutie posed for me. 

And when our favorite server saw her posing, he insisted she get a picture with the sombrero. 

The rest of the day was low key.  I spent some time creating a playlist for my spin class on Monday while Hallie said "watch me" every 15 seconds while attempting cartwheels.  I'm thinking I need to sign this girl up for gymnastics. 

 I'm looking forward to Monday evening.  Bryson will be coming home, and we can finally have our family Valentine's celebration. 

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