Thursday, February 11, 2016

Weekend Moments

Friday afternoon started with a large chocolate milkshake to share with my favorite boy.  I'm off on Fridays, and it's the only day I pick him up from school.  I stop by Sonic before picking him up, so we can enjoy a shake on the way home.  I'm not complaining about this new tradition.

Friday was Razorback Red at school for Hallie. She supported our hogs with her shirt and made a matching hat at school.  She practiced calling the hogs. Sad to say, I think she needs some more practice, but it was hilarious to watch.


We attended church Friday night for a prayer conference.  I was scheduled to work with the kids and had to come up with a memory verse game.  It still may be too early for Easter, but it's never to early to use the eggs in a game :)

Hallie started coughing Friday night and it lasted ALL night long.  I pretty much rocked her all night.  If I tried to lay her down she would cough non stop.  Even rocking her upright, she coughed a bunch.  It was like going back to newborn days and not getting any sleep.  This just confirmed that I'm okay with not having anymore babies haha.

Saturday morning we headed to Bryson's basketball game.  Hallie was still congested and coughing, but girl was acting like she had a full nights sleep.  How do kids do that!?!  I was walking around like a zombie.

After the game we headed to the mall for some lunch and a little play time. 

Later that day I tried to get a picture of Bryson.  Sometimes I feel bad because I have tons more pictures of Hallie than Bryson.  I promise I love them both the same.  Bryson's just a preteen boy that mostly complains about having to take a picture.  I sat down and started chatting with him.  I tried to inconspicuously take a picture.  It was a total fail.  He said, I can see the reflection of your phone in your glasses. 

I guess the Friday and Saturday sleepless nights finally caught up to sister.  She normally gets up very early, no matter what time she goes to sleep.  She was still sleeping Sunday morning at 9:00.  I decided we would skip church, and she could catch up on some much needed sleep.  Plus, I started feeling bad on Saturday. 

Sunday was low key for us.  Buster intensely watched the puppy bowl.  He goes crazy nuts anytime he sees dogs on t.v.  We sort of watched the Super Bowl.  It was on, but we were all doing other things at the same time.  I made sure to park it on the coach for the half time show.  I puffy heart love Bruno Mars and seeing him just makes me want to go to another one of his concerts. 

It wasn't a terrible weekend.  It could always be worse, right?  However, it could have been much better with a healthy clan. 

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