Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

This is the first Halloween that we have not all dressed up in theme as a family.  Surprisingly, I was okay with that.  Hallie claimed Elsa as her costume, and Bryson did not want to be any Frozen character.  I thought we were never going to find a costume for Bryson.  He would not make up his mind, and at one point he said he wasn't going to dress up.  I'm totally okay with that, but I knew come October 30 he would want to dress up.  After hours of searching online costume stores, Pinterest, Google, etc., he finally decided on Beetlejuice.  And the idea actually come off a high school friend's Facebook page.  She posted pictures of her boys in their costumes last year, and one of them was Beetlejuice.     

He wasn't able to wear face makeup to school.  We did his face up in the evening for trick or treating.  The hubby did an awesome job on the wig.  Originally, the hubby was going to be Kristoff.  I was going to be Anna.  He turned his Kristoff wig into a Beetlejuice wig.  I should have took a before and after pic. 

When Hallie said she wanted to be Elsa, I tried for a split second to change her mind.  I knew there would be 5,164,647 Elsas out there.  But she was happy being Elsa and that's all that matters.   

She woke up and wanted to wear a different Elsa costume than what was planned.  She had never wore this one before.  Once we got to school, I realized it was a little low and she was showing a little boob....oops.

I dressed up as a cat at work.  I may have dressed up just so I could wear comfy black sweatpants type outfit to work :)

We went trick or treating around 5:30.  We decided to go while it was still daylight because it was so cold.  We knew once the sun went down, we were going to be miserable. 

Elsa needed a coat.  She ended up taking her crown off.  She was afraid it was going to blow away.  She was holding on to it with one hand.  We kept telling her it wasn't going to go anywhere, but that didn't matter.  We suggested she take it off so she could actually enjoy trick or treating, instead of worrying about her crown. 

The best decorated house had some old motorcycles with some skeletons.  There was also a person on the roof dressed up as a werewolf.  Somehow I missed him in the picture.

As soon as we got home, I had to separate the chocolate from the non chocolate.  I cannot have the fruity flavors messing up my the kid's chocolate :)

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  1. Love this! They both look so great and I love your comfy costume choice. I'd rock some fuzzy ears and a little face paint to wear sweats to work for sure.

    I love that Hallie has two Elsa dresses too... I am so removed from the Elsa dress world as a boy-only mom :)