Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Goals

It's been a couple of months since I've done a monthly goal blog post.  I did like blogging about my goals.  I think it made me more accountable, and I actually got stuff done.  So, I'm starting back up for November.

November Goals

Exercise 5 times a week - I've been slacking with my exercise.  I think I'm getting burned out on doing the same things.  I take classes at the gym on my lunch hours.  I've made friends in these classes and that helps keep me accountable.  But dang, 5 years of spin classes and boot camp classes are getting old.  I'd really like to trim off a few pounds before going into the holiday season when I typically gain a few pounds.  I know I need to get to the gym more if I want to lose a few pounds.

Drink less coke and more water - This goes back to losing a few pounds before the holidays.  I have been so bad lately with drinking coke.  I swear the stuff is like crack.  Just a few months ago, I wasn't drinking coke at all.  Every morning, I wake up saying I WILL NOT have a coke today.  Then, I do.  What is wrong with me?!?!? 

Put up Christmas tree and decorations - I want to have everything decorated by the end of the month.  I probably should start this weekend if I am going to accomplish this goal. 

Schedule elf on the shelf activities -  I don't necessarily want to schedule what will be done on each specific day.  I do want to select enough activities for the month, keep a list, and have the necessary supplies on hand so that I'm prepared each night.  

Put a major dent in Christmas shopping - I specifically didn't say finish all Christmas shopping because I am realistic.  I'm shooting to complete 80%.  I think that's obtainable for me.  That would put me ahead of schedule more than I have ever been. 

After writing down my goals, I realized that all of them pretty much have to do with gearing up for the holidays.  I want December to be stress free so that I can enjoy the season.  I think I'll do a weekly update just to keep me super accountable so that I'm not trying to get it all done the last week of November :)  

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  1. Great November goals! I have the same problem with Coke, totally like crack! I tried to just go 30 days without it a while back and failed. Good luck to you! :)