Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Pajamas

I LOVE me some holiday pj's!  I may have already been scoping out some Christmas jammies ;)  Hallie has 2 pairs of Halloween jammies that we have been rotating the last month.  Bryson thinks he's too cool for holiday jammies.  However, he does oblige me once a year and wears Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve night. 

I’m linking up with AshleyDarci and Natasha and sharing Hallie's Halloween pajamas. 


Kitty pajamas from Old Navy


Crazy prebrush hair

Rise and shine kitty


 Ghost pajamas from Gap

Fake sleeping

 There she is




  1. She certainly looks like she is having fun with her Halloween pj photo shoot!

  2. Love those cute ghost pajamas from the Gap! They had such cute jammies for girls this year :)

  3. Love those cute jammies!!! And I'm with you on the Christmas PJ hunt already!